Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Worse Taking PEDs or Denying It? Ryan Braun Should Take Note.

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In the past few months and years PED (performance enhancing drugs) use has become a huge problem in sports. We shouldn't think that cheating and PEDs are a new problem but more allegations of them are now being reported. That leads me to ask this question; Is it worse to take PEDs or the denials of their use if you're guilty?

I think it's worse to deny the use of them. I think most fans will agree with that assessment. Many fans believe that most sports stars take PEDs. Many of us don't care an more. Most of us believe that cheating has occurred in every generation of sports. What we don't like is a big fat liar.

Lance Armstrong recently admitted to being a big fat liar and he's now been shunned by sports fans. We're still waiting to see what emerges with Ray Lewis and Alex Rodriguez. Most fans believe that they're not only PED users but big fat lairs as well.

Ryan Braun Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Milwaukee Brewers MVPThe latest potential big fat liar is Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers. In 2011 MLB initially suspended Braun for taking PEDs. Braun denied the allegations and appealed his suspension. Shyam "the sham" Das threw out the suspension and ruled in favor of Braun.

At the time I thought that the Sham was an idiot. I still do. I believed that Braun had taken PEDs and cheated his way to the MVP award. I still do. Yesterday we learned that Braun was linked to a Miami area clinic being investigated for its alleged involvement in providing PEDs to sports athletes.

Ryan Braun still denies using PEDS. His excuse for being tied to the clinic is that his lawyer(s) contacted the clinic for consulting advice. Braun claims they consulted with that clinic as part of his appeal and its evidence gathering process.

Is that possible? Anything is possible no matter how remote it sounds. Will I win the multi-million dollar lottery this week? That's an extremely remote possibility there's still a possibility. In my opinion there's as much chance that Braun is telling the truth as I have of winning the big lottery.

Let's hope both are true. Let's hope I win the big one and that Braun is telling the truth. If I were a Milwaukee fan and a Braun fan, I would believe him. I would also believe that cheese falls from the sky. OK, that was a cheap shot.

I think that Ryan is a big fat liar but I don't have proof of that. Right now it's only a belief. If Ryan is guilty he should admit it now. He faces less of a backlash from the public if comes clean now. Then again there might not be anything clean about him. Time will tell.

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