Sunday, February 24, 2013

What the Heck Was Alain Vigneault Thinking?

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I'm not a Roberto Loungo fan. That is evidenced by a number of Luongo articles that I've written about him but on Sunday night something so ridiculous happened that made feel I had to come to his defense. For me to come to Luongo's defense is incredible. I love rejoicing in his failures. I love criticizing him. I love saying he's the best regular season goaltender in the NHL but one of the worst goalies in the playoffs.

Autographed Roberto Luongo Photo - 8X10So what happened that has me defending Luongo? Luongo's Vancouver Canucks lost big time on Sunday. They lost 8-3. Luongo had a rough night. Instead of pulling Luongo after the fifth or sixth goal went into the net, Canucks coach Alain Vigneault left Luongo in for all eight goals.

As I said, Luongo's misfortunes would normally have me rejoicing and laughing. That's not going to happen in this article. I think it's sick and cruel to have left Luongo in the net. Whatever you say about Luongo's failures in the playoffs, he has played his heart out for the team. He got them to the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago.

Luongo has had a good season so far, bailing out his teammate Cory Schneider earlier in the season. Luongo has been the discussion of trade rumors since the 2011/2012 season ended. Many think that he will be dealt in prior to the NHL trade deadline.

Why would Vigneault do this to Luongo? It makes no sense. Why embarrass the guy? The team has a huge investment in Luongo due to his insane contract. I'm sure they would love to have another team take that burden off them. The Canucks should be doing everything to ensure that Luongo's stock is at its highest value. Keeping him in the pipes for eight goals is absolutely ridiculous.

We know what happened when legendary goalie Patrick Roy was kept in the pipes for more than six goals. He refused to play another game for the Montreal Canadians. I wouldn't blame Luongo if he refused to play another game for the Canucks. You don't embarrass a player like that, especially a star player like Luongo.

In my opinion Alain Vigneault proved himself to be a door knob today. I think this guy is a pest. I think what he did was vicious and mean. I think that Alain is piece of garbage. If I were Luongo's teammates I would refuse to play for this misfit. They should force the team to fire this silly man.

I'm disgusted how Alain treated Roberto. That's not only classless on Alain's part but it's incredibly mean. Alain Vigneault owes Luongo an apology and an explanation. For his actions on Sunday, Alain is the Fool of the Day.

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