Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn on the Fast Track to Relationship Bliss

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk

It is being reported that the relationship between Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn is heating up. When Vonn was injured in a World Championship ski race recently, it was Tiger Woods that came to her rescue with his jet. It gives new meaning to being swept off your feet. In this case it was being airlifted off her feet.

Tiger and Lindsey are good friends and seem to be taking their friendship to a whole new level. For Tiger, this could be the very thing that helps him rebound from a few years of lackluster golf. Maybe Tiger's comeback will take hold. Don't count Tiger out. He now has a new love interest and that should be the fuel he needs for his golf engines to get going.

We shouldn't be too surprised by their apparent relationship. Both have had some heartbreak in the marriage front.  Both have felt the pain of their marriage ending. Maybe that's how they were able to comfort each other.

Should I assume that these good friends are more than that? Should I assume that they are now lovers? I have female friends and I down jet them out of dodge to have surgery in the states. OK, I don't have friends who are world class athletes and I'm not rich. So that might not be fair.

Tiger Woods has become a jet setter, showing up at some of her events. That also isn't evidence of a heated affair. Sportress of Blogitude is reporting that the couple is spending time with each other's family. That sounds like the relationship has evolved beyond the friendship stage to full on lover stage.

So you might be asking yourself why I care if these two super athletes are dating. I only care because I'm a Tiger fan. If this relationship helps Tiger get back to dominating the PGA I will be happy. I couldn't care who he dates. I just want the guy to find love so that he can be at peace in the relationship front.

A happy Tiger in his personal life should translate to a dominant Tiger on the golf course. So I say good for you Tiger. Now go out and win some majors.

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