Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Those Criticizing Lebron James Pregame Dunk Routine Should Shut Up

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Lebron James faces criticism for many things. Some of the criticism is warranted and some of it is just stupid. Lebron James has a pregame dunk routine where he shows off some of his great moves. Some people have criticized him for that.

The criticism is stupid. The people criticizing Lebron for his pregame routine should shut up. They are stupid. Lebron James has every right to do whatever he wants during the pregame routine. It seems to have worked for him as he is a scoring machine and is playing at an elite level.

The pregame routine also provides the fans with entertainment. I'm sure the Miami Heat and the NBA would like him to continue. Any marketing and hype for the NBA should be welcome. If the greatest basketball player on the planet wants to entertain the fans he should have the right to do so.

What's crazy is that Lebron is considering altering his routine to please his critics. That's terrible. David Stern should reach out to the King and tell him to continue his show.

Lebron's routine is a show within the show or s show within the game. If fans show up to the game to see his pregame routine, that should be embraced by NBA officials. That could translate to higher concession sales. Why would anyone criticize that?

Lebron is a brand all to himself. That brand should be embraced and marketed. The NBA should be spreading hype regarding Lebron James and his pregame show. You cans see it now. TV crews lining up to get video of Lebron in action and that would be before the game. Can you imagine the hype for the game that is to follow?

The fans both at the game and those watching from home would tune in early to see Lebron in action and they would be geared up for the NBA action that is to follow.

Can you imagine the TV revenue in the form of ads that the network televising the game could reap? No one would know what move Lebron has in store during his pregame routine. The opportunities for the NBA are limitless.

It would be sad if Lebron decides to cave in to the criticism. He should ignore those people. He can tell them to figuratively F-off by continuing to do what he's been doing. That is entertaining his fans and those who are lucky enough to not only watch the pregame routine but seeing him in action during the game.

I used to hate the guy but the ridiculous criticism that he has faced has made me a fan. The guy is great player and he sure entertains us. Let's embrace that rather than looking for any reason, no matter how dumb it is, to criticize King James.

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