Sunday, February 24, 2013

There's Nothing Hypothetical About Lakers Win Over Mavericks

There was nothing hypothetical about the Lakers win over the Dallas Mavericks or Kobe Bryant's 38 points. The Lakers beat the Mavericks 103-99 on Sunday afternoon.

Cuban had made comments in regards to Kobe and the Lakers. He said that the Lakers should amnesty Kobe to reduce their salary cap tax. He said he would do that with Dirk. Cuban seems to be referencing the Lakers cap issues and the number of stars on their team that they will have to make decisions on. Kobe along with Howard and others command large salaries.

The Lakers and Kobe didn't take kindly to Cuban’s comments. Cuban retracted his statement saying that he was using Kobe as a hypothetical. Yeah right. Mark Cuban has a big mouth and isn't afraid of shouting out obscenities, criticizing officials, the league, other teams and NBA players.

The guy's mouth is a sewer. He often opens his yap before thinking. The guy thinks his manure doesn't stink but it does. It's putrid and so his Mark Cuban. Cuban is a joke. He's a clown. I wonder if this ding dong believes what he says. He likes to stir the pot.

Stirring the pot didn't work for his team on Sunday. It backfired. The Lakers will not file a complaint with the NBA regarding Mark Cuban's comments. They should have. Cuban has been fined large amounts of money in the past for his actions.

The guy has no goodwill when it comes the the NBA and disciplining this goofball. I'm not sure why Cuban feels that it's necessary to take pot shots at just about everyone in the NBA. It's obvious he has an ego but does he think that he is a Hollywood entertainer?

I think Cuban is a false individual. I think he’s a clown. He's the league jokester. You can't take a guy like that very seriously.

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