Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Minnesota Wild Win A Wild One At Home

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It was looking like another loss for the Minnesota Wild as they took a four minute penalty with about nine minutes remaining. The Wild did what they did all night. They defended the power play. They were awesome defending the power play.

It had been a frustrating night. The Wild played well but not capitalize on their chances. They had power play after power play but could not bury the puck. The Wild seemed destined for a loss.

Until about four minutes left the Wild couldn't score. They hit posts, crossbars and even had a puck that was 99.9999% over the goal line but that itty bitty part of the puck that didn't cross the goal line cost the Wild a goal.

I was frustrated because you couldn't blame the Wild. They played well. They had chances but they didn't get the breaks for the first 56 minutes of the game. The floodgates opened. It started with a Jason Zucker goal. The Wild faithful erupted. I erupted with joy.

Then with 41 seconds left in this thriller, the flame went out on Calgary. They took a stupid penalty for smothering the puck in the face-off circle. While Minnesota didn’t score the winner in regulation, the Wild took over a minute of power play into overtime. The Wild doused the Flames with a power play goal by Zach Parise in the overtime period and just like that, the Calgary Flames were handed an L in the loss column.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I don't like the Flames. So this victory was extra special. What a game. What a game. The Wild played well and deserved to win this one. They finally capitalized on a couple of chances.

This loss has to be tough for the Flames. Calgary had this game. They had the lead with nine minutes left and they even had a four minute power play. But they blew their chance at winning the game and allowed the Wild to skate away with the victory.

The Wild even killed a five minute Flames power play in the second period. They didn't even allow the Flames to register a goal on that power play.

When all was said and done, the Wild came out of this game with a much needed victory. They got back in the win column and hopefully this game will be the turning point in this up and down season.

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