Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Jacksonville Jaguars Have A New Logo But They Are The Same Old Terrible Team

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a new redesigned logo but they are the same old crappy team. I do like the logo, even though only minor changes seem to have been made. The logo gives the team a more modern look. The cost of the logo? Who knows but it probably was too much.

While I like the new logo, the team should be spending its money acquiring talented players and building a winner.The Jaguars suck. They're terrible. I think they should have used that money to build a winner. Sign a couple of players and improve the team, then spend money on the logo.

I hate to break it to Jaguars owner Shad Khan; this new logo isn't going to make your team a winner. NFL players aren't going to say "woohoo, wow, OMG" and come flocking to your team because of the new logo. Current players aren't going to turn into superstars because that new logo inspires great play.

Seriously, what were they thinking? I'm not sure they were. As mentioned above, I don't dislike the logo but I do think the team was ripped off. They spent money on a new logo that isn't much different from the old logo. There seems to be only minor changes. That's not worth the money. That's my opinion for what it's worth.

Mr. Khan, what will make your team a winner is going out and spending money on talented players and a good coaching staff. Oh yeah, you settled on a no name head coach. Well not entirely. Gus Bradley was the defensive coach for the Seattle Seahawks and they had a pretty impressive defense in 2012.

I think the Jaguars could have made a bigger splash int heir head coaching hire but that's just me. In any case I'm still fixated on that new logo. The logo makes the jaguar look more vicious. Roar! Roar! The logo might make it look like they will roar but in reality we're likely just to hear meow, meow from them.

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