Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Gets Trip To Disney World. Losers Get Jell-O

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The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII and will get a trip to Disney World. They will also got a Super Bowl Champions parade in downtown Baltimore. That's pretty good stuff. So the fans of the Ravens got a champions parade. Will the losing team's fans get anything?

Yes, this year the losers got something as well. Yes Friends, the fans of the losing team were part of a promotion from Jell-O. Jello-O handed out Jell-O cups in San Francisco to fans of the losing team. Yeah baby, they got something.

If I were a 49ers fan I would have passed. What would you rather have? A team that won the Super Bowl and being able to watch a champions parade where your favorite players display the spoils of their victory by holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy for tens of thousands of fans to see or would you rather be holding up a cup of Jell-O that signified that your team lost?

I wonder how successful that promotion was. I find it hilarious. Your team could have gone to Disney World. Instead they are eating Jell-O. Who thought of that promotion? It's almost adding insult to injury.

Maybe 49ers fans are happy with the promotion. Maybe thousands of fans ate Jell-O. Maybe they didn't. Maybe they're still arguing that a holding penalty should have been called against the Ravens. I don't think it was a penalty but if it was are you telling me that the 49ers never got one call that went their way during the playoffs?

Sure they did but they aren't interested in that are they? Noooo. They'd rather tell everyone that their team was robbed. The truth is that the only ones that did the robbing were the 49ers. They sabotaged their chances of winning the game by throwing the ball three consecutive times on that last series near the goal line.

49ers fans should be angry that their team couldn't convert when they needed to. I wonder if Alex Smith would have converted if he was in the same situation. Who knows but we do know that Colin Kapernick failed when it counted the most.

I sure hope that Colin Kapernick, Jim Harbaugh and Frank Gore joined their fans to eat a cup of Jell-O.

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