Monday, February 18, 2013

Someone Should Take Josh Hamilton Aside and Explain that Texas is a State and not a Town

Josh Hamilton might be one of the dumbest people in sports. Josh Hamilton recently described Texas as a town. His actual quote was "Texas, especially Dallas, has always been a football town...There’s true baseball fans in Texas but it’s not a true baseball town."

Someone needs to take Josh Hamilton aside and explain to him that Texas is a state and not a town. I think he needs to go back to school. This guy is as dumber than a rock and the poor rock can't help itself.

Josh is obviously happy to be out of Dallas and free from the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers treated Hamilton fairly. Josh is an alcoholic. He's a drunk. Not only did they stick with him and help him through rehab but when he inexplicably relapsed they didn't release him.

So this is how Hamilton is paying back his former fans? Is the guy such an ingrate? Is he a complete and utter jerk? I would say yes to all those questions.

I also have a message to his new team, the Los Angeles Angels. Watch this creep. He will relapse. He's proven that in the past and when you stick by him and provide him with support he will turn his back on you. He might also refer to California as a town.

California is a pretty good town isn't it Josh? It's as big a town as Texas. How will he refer to the United States? I guess to him it's a pretty big town as well. I guess Josh thinks the whole world is one big town.

That might not be fair of me but Hamilton is one of those players you want to cheer against. Why does he want to talk negatively about his former team and their fans? Only a person who isn't grateful for the support that he received would say what he's saying.

For his comments and lack of brains, Josh Hamilton is Monday's Fool of the Day.

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