Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sandusky Claims Innocence As Well - Time For The Paternos To Move On

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Jerry Sandusky claims that he's innocent of the crimes he's been convicted of. This weekend the Paternos released a report that they commissioned that blasts the Freeh report that was a damning account of the late Joe Paterno and alleged that he did nothing to inform law enforcement about the molester and child rapist that committed these atrocious crimes under his nose.

The Freeh report alleged that there was almost no chance that Paterno couldn't have known what was going on. Freeh's investigators interviewed many people and also looked at emails of employees within the institution including Paterno.

There's always the possibility that Paterno is innocent. The same could be said for the monster we know as Sandusky. I believe that there isn't a chance that Joe Paterno had no idea what his close friend was doing under his nose.

Joe Paterno was in total control of his program. He knew everything that was going on under his nose but we should believe the Paternos when they tell us that he didn't know about this? Of course not. These are loved ones who don't want to believe what their husband, father and grandfather did. They don't want to admit that Joe Paterno did a horrible thing by keeping silent while a close friend raped boys.

I think the vast majority of people believe Joe Paterno was guilty. The ones that don't are Penn State loyalists. They don't want to come to terms that their beloved coach could be capable of doing nothing about his close friend rsping boys. They are living in a dream world.

I wish that JoePa was innocent as well. I really wish he would have turned out to be an honorable human being but I'm not an idiot. I believe the Freeh report. Family members of monsters will usually try to protect their legacy and fight for their name. Many family members of monsters don't believe that their loved one could be capable of horrific actions or inaction. Why would the Paternos be any different?

I would have had sympathy for JoePa's loved ones had they accepted what he did. Now that they released the piece of trash that they did this weekend I have very little sympathy for them.

Let's be serious and realistic. Had JoePa not passed away, law enforcement would have brought the creep up on charges. I believe the guy would have been indicted and convicted of various crimes. He might have ended up in jail. Hey Paternos, so everyone is wrong and the only ones that are right are the people you commissioned to clear his name? OK. Sure thing.

I sure hope that the public doesn't buy into this nonsense. I hope that most people are smart enough to realize a rouse when they see one. Call me what you want but I believe that the Paternos commissioned a report to rebut Freeh's in order to protect the family from lawsuits from Sandusky's victims.

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