Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ruff Ruff Lindy Ruff Fired by the Sabres

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Lindy Ruff had been the longest tenured coach in the NHL. That was until he was fired by the not so loud barking Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday.

The Sabres are blaming Ruff for the team's poor start this season and two straight losses to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Winnipeg Jets.

In a lockout shortened season where every game counts, getting off to a slow start meant that everyone would come under fire and under the microscope. I don't believe that the fall guy should have been Lindy Ruff.

I think that the Sabres should have given Ruff to the end of the season. I think Ruff deserves that type of respect after 15 seasons. I guess the Sabres front office sees things differently.

I wonder if the team will make any trades prior to the April 3rd NHL trade deadline. I'm sure they will if this firing doesn't spark some changes in the team's success. I think they might have to go in that direction, since I doubt firing Ruff will instantly turn the Sabres into a playoff contender.

I'm not naive enough to think that a coach in the NHL is safe from being terminated if his team isn't winning. Ruff's teams made it to the playoffs eight times out of his 14 full seasons with the club. That's pretty good. I don't blame the team from expecting more and wanting to win, I just don't think that the team's problems can be blamed on Ruff.

With a shortened season that is due to the lockout, this season was somewhat of a crap shoot. I would have thought that the team would have given him some slack until the season was over. I'm not sure what the team gains from firing Ruff midway through the season.

Today the Sabres barked out loud...ruff, ruff. Then Lindy was fired.


  1. Obviously the Sabres Brass, fans thought this shorten season was not a crap shoot and had high expectations. With being in LAST place it needed to be done now!! MAYBE we will see what "System" Ruff ran was conducive to winning or Not conducive to winning ? Time will tell as contrary to popular belief the season is not at it`s throwing away stage...

    1. Mike I appreciate your comment.Welcome to

  2. I agree that Ruff should have been given until the end of the season.
    I like Lindy Ruff and I think the fans of Buffalo like him as well. However, I think the players looked at Ruff the same way you might look at that pair of jeans that should have been put in the garbage a long time ago - they felt comfortable with him.
    While I believe that the coach has to take some responsibility when their team isn't performing, Darcy Regier should also be feeling the heat.
    Under Regier/Ruff, the Sabres haven't been bad; they haven't been good. They have been mediocre.

    Terrence Pegula has invested a lot of money in this franchise and naturally, he isn't seeing the product on the ice that he paid for.

    The coach is always the first to go (Wilson then Burke in Toronto) and Darcy Regier should be updating his resume right about now.

    1. Jerome, thanks for your comment. You make some excellent points. I do beleive that Regier is next in line to be shown the door.

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