Thursday, February 14, 2013

Phoenix Coyotes Roulette

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If you've read some of my previous articles you know that I'm not a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes. You also know that I think that the team should relocate to a city that likes hockey and will support the club. You also know that I've written about their terrible attendance that ranks last in the NHL. You know that I love for them to lose hockey games and I will celebrate the day that they leave Phoenix for another city, hopefully Quebec, Canada.

It seems as if I'm not the only one concerned about the team's poor attendance this year, last year and many years. The NHL owns the Coyotes so it's hard to know who came up with one of the most idiotic ticket promotions in NHL history. I've joked that you can buy bargain tickets at 7 Eleven. I'm not even sure that's true.

Before I continue I want to provide you with the press release that was printed on

The GOALden Ticket allows fans to purchase one of two ticket packages to attend anywhere from one to 10 of the Coyotes’ final 2012-13 regular season home games in lower level seats (regularly priced at $75). By purchasing the first ticket package for $100, a fan will receive five (5) goals on their GOALden Ticket. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will be able to see up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up five (5) goals at Arena. Once that happens, the GOALden Ticket is void.
The second ticket package provides the fan with 25 goals on their GOALden Ticket for the price of $250. Beginning on March 9 versus the Stars, fans will have an opportunity to attend up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up 25 goals at Arena. Once this occurs, the GOALden Ticket is void.
I've heard of Russian Roulette but I had never heard of Phoenix Coyotes Roulette. Phoenix Coyotes Roulette is taking a risk of buying tickets to a Coyotes game and only getting the value of a couple of games. That would see you dropping more money than you should for a Coyotes game.

Can anyone but me see how this thing could fail miserably? Wouldn't it be hilarious if the Coyotes gave up tons of goals in a f to seven game span and fans become irate that they took the gamble and played Phoenix Coyotes Roulette only to have lost that gamble? I would be laughing my head off.

Now if this promotion pays off, they will at least be able to fill the building for a few games and maybe that will build some fan loyalty. Well, that's a stretch.

I wonder if this is some experiment for the NHL to gauge fan interest in the club once and for all. Who knows but I do think this is a crazy promotion and one that can backfire miserably.

This is a dumb promotion and the Coyotes earn Thursday's Fool of the Day honor.

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