Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oscar Pistorius's Murder Case Looks Like It Was Botha'd

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief of Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
The day after giving conflicting and confusing testimony, lead detective Hilton Botha has been charged with attempted murder in a 2011 case. South Africa's national prosecutor says this has nothing to do with Botha's terrible testimony yesterday. Yeah right and the Earth is flat.

Botha'd is my new word for botched and it looks like this case has been Botha'd very badly. Yesterday, Pistorius's defense lawyer was able to get Botha to admit that there is no evidence to prove Pistorius's defense claim that this was an accident wasn't true.

Forensics For DummiesBotha also admitted to contaminating the crime scene by walking into the bathroom and through blood without any shoe covers. Botha's reason for that is that they had run out of shoe covers. Both also admitted that a holster for the gun that was used by Pistorius lay at his bedside and that it could have been possible that he wouldn't have seen his girlfriend wasn't sleeping beside him.

Botha should take a class in forensics. The guy has a lot to learn. He seems to have forgotten everything his 24 years of experience has taught him.

Today new evidence came to light as the judge heard that there were sounds coming from the bathroom. It's looking very plausible now that this might not have been murder or premeditated murder.

Botha also admitted that he was the detective that was called to the home for domestic reasons in the past. This had to do with a former girlfriend and Oscar was cleared of any wrong doing by the police.

So the persecutors facts aren't lining up. Maybe next time they should realize they are dealing with an incompetent investigator. From the outside this looks like a complete mess for the prosecution.

Things are done differently in South Africa, so who knows what will come of this. I will wait for more evidence and facts to be presented but at the very least this case looks like it has been miserably Botha'd.

There is now talk that Hilton Botha will be removed from the case. Prosecutors are saying that if they make that decision it would be because he's under investigation for murder. How convenient. This is a lesson to
South African police officers that if you are going to give testimony it better line up with the prosecution's case. If it doesn't, you might find yourself being charged with murder, just like Oscar.

As I said before, I will wait for more evidence to be presented. What I once thought was an uphill battle for Oscar now seems like it might be an uphill battle for the prosecution.

I just hope that Pistorius gets a free trial. The incompetence in this case is surprising and laughable. For Reeva's family it has to be heartbreaking. They want answers and now all they have are more questions.

For his bungling ways, Hilton Botha is Thursday's Fool of the Day.

Update: 02/21/2012 Hilton Botha has been removed from the case.

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