Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not So Peaceful After All - Metta World Peace Suspended

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Metta Wolrd Peace or what we call him here, Metta World War, the oxymoron of peace was suspended by the NBA for one game for getting into a scuffle with Brandon Knight. This guy used to be known as Ron Artest but changed his name to Metta World Peace  This piece of dung should have changes his name to Metta Thug Punk.

Metta is well known for his scuffles and also his off-court issues. The guy is hardly an example of peaceful conduct on and off the court. The guy is a walking and living disaster. He's a clown. The guy resembles cow dung more than he resembles peace.

Mr. Peace plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. I'm not sure why he's still on the team. He sucks. He's not worthy of being on prime time's lineup. The guy doesn't deserve to be on a CBA lineup. He's awful. OK he's not that terrible. He is averaging around 13 points per game but the guy was averaging 15 points per game the last two seasons.

The issue I have with this punk is that he could achieve more on the court if he got his head out of the gutter. It makes no difference if he plays or not. The issue I have is that he's a punk is that he's a thug. He's a distraction to the team.

I can't stand the guy but that's obvious isn't it? For his latest scuffle, Ron Artest earns his rightful spot on Tuesday's Fool of the Day listing.

The media should refuse to refer to this fool as Metta World Peace. There's nothing peaceful about this jerk. Getting into violent altercations with other players isn't what I would consider peaceful. I don't know what Metta considers being peaceful.

Maybe he has a warped sense of entitlement. I shouldn't even try to figure out what's going on in his peanut sized brain. It's causing me to have a migraine just think and writing about this jerk.

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