Thursday, February 7, 2013

Minnesota Wild Were Tamed By The Vancouver Canucks

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So what would you expect when a hated rival comes to town to take on your favorite hockey team? You would expect that the players would be up to the challenged. You would expect them to have some energy. You would expect them to come out strong.

That didn't happen on Thursday night when the Vancouver Canucks were in St. Paul to take on the Minnesota Wild. The Wild and their fans hate the Canucks. This is a must win game for fans of the club. The Wild came out flat and looked like there heads were elsewhere. They didn't seem focused at all.

The Wild fell behind 2-0 after one period of play. The Wild were pathetic in the first period. The Wild found their legs and skated well in the second period. They greatly outplayed and outchanced the division leaders but they gave up two more goals before the second period was done and they fell behind 4-0.

The Canucks tamed Minnesota tonight. I think the Wild should change their name to Tame. The Wild have now lost three straight games. They can't score if their lives depended on it. They've had tons of chances but they've failed to put the puck in the net.

As a fan it's been extremely frustrating. At times it's been hard to watch games. The issue that will face this club is that teams around the league have now found their stride. The good teams are getting better. At the beginning of the season the strike shortened season was an equalizer as players had to get into hockey shape.

The Wild are past that point now. They aren't improving. They have a tough time scoring more than one goal per game. Actually they've had a hard time scoring just one goal. They have one decent line and that line is now struggling to score.

The Wild are like a curse to half decent players. Parise started the season on a hot streak and has now struggled in the past two games. The curse of the goal destroyer is now setting in and it's harming every player.

I don't know what this team can do to turn their fortunes around? They do have to score more goals and break that curse. Lack of scoring has been an issue for this team for a few years. The Wild don't have time to figure out a solution. They need to change their misfortunes around now. If they wait too long the season will be over and the Wild will be watching the playoffs from their living rooms.

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