Thursday, February 14, 2013

Minnesota Wild Fans It's Now Time To Panic

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentay Online Sports Talk
Wild fans it's now time to panic. After only being able to score one goal a game for what seems like an eternity, the Wild scored three goals on Thursday night against the injury riddled Colorado Avalanche. They still lost in the shootout. This is a new low for the club.

While three goals seems like the Wild have reached the goal bonanza they still couldn't pull out the victory. They gave up too many goals. So we now have another problem. Now it's defense? Seriously folks, this team can't put all the elements together.

This is a game that the Wild should have won. They needed to win the game but they dropped the ball tonight. Maybe they should start playing with pucks and not balls.

In all fairness to the Colorado Avalanche they are a gritty team. The Wild had a real opportunity tonight and failed. They had mental breakdowns on defense and that cost them.

I'm not sure what the Wild can do now. They finally showed the ability to score more than a goal in a game and that shocked me. I didn't think that it was possible for the Wild to score multiple goals in a game. When the Avalanche scored the first goal of the game I said to myself that the Wild better win in the shootout but scoring wasn't the problem tonight. It was the inability to keep the Avalanche off the scoreboard that bit them in the rear.

The Wild are running out of time to turn this mess around. They have very little room for error and it's time that they show some urgency. The fan base will get restless soon, especially at the NHL's skyrocketing ticket prices.

I wish I could provide more of an insight to the Wild's losing ways but I'm at a loss for words and that's almost a first.

Next up for the Wild are the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday evening. Good luck and Good night!

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