Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Luooo - Roberto Luongo Backstops the Vancouver Canucks to Victory

Article written by Sportmentary - Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Entering Tuesday's game against the Vancouver Canucks, the Minnesota Wild hadn't won a game in Vancouver since 2009. That didn't change last night. The Cancuks defeated the Wild 2-1 and let the Wild no who owns the Northwest division.

This was a big game for the Wild and their inability to score really hurt the club last night. While Devin Setoguchi continued his mini scoring streak in the second period to narrow the gap to 2-1 that was all the scoring that the Wild would be able to manage.

The Wild came out flat in the first half of the game and Vancouver could have made them pay for it with more than two goals had rookie netminder Darcy Kuemper not had a good game. Kuemper was called upon to make some big saves last night in his NHL debut and he was up to the task.

The Wild had their chances but they were facing the best regular season goaltender in Roberto Luongo. Luongo made some big saves last night and showed why he is arguably the best goalie in the NHL's regular season. He might also be one of the best regular season goalies not to win the Stanley Cup. I can live with him being great in the regular season and then tanking it in the playoffs.

What was annoying is hearing the chants of Louuu, Louuu, every time the guy made a save. Canucks fans are probably the most annoying homers in the NHL. I can't stand them and their soccer type team. The loss to the Canucks was almost unbearable.

The Wild did break Luongo's incredible 228 minute shutout streak on Setoguchi's power play goal but Lou started another one right after that by shutting out the Wild the rest of the way.

It's hard to tell when a goalie is having a good game against the Wild. The Wild can't put the puck in the back of the net on the best of nights, so who knows how well Luongo really played. The Wild have now scored 1.92 goals per game. That's atrocious.

The Wild could have a wide open net with the goalie visiting Mars and the Wild would still find a way not to score. The goalie would still make the save from millions of miles away. That's how bad the Wild are at scoring. I guess we can say they are great at not scoring goals.

I don't know what more I can say about their inability to score other than to say that whoever is in net for the team has to shutout his opponent night in and night out. Sorry folks, we don't have a Roberto Luongo on our team. We have very good goaltending but Luongo is in a league all to himself.

The Wild take on the Colorado Avalanche on Valentine's Day. Let's hope the outcome is a better one for this team. Right now watching the Wild play is worse than listening to a Chris Brown song.

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