Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let Him Go, The Lakers Plan For Dwight Howard

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak says that Dwight Howard will not be traded before Thursday's trade deadline. He also says that Howard's relationship with Kobe Bryant is a "Work in Progress".

Mitch, the other thing that is a work in progress is your and your team's ability to navigate player development and management. The Lakers are bumbling organization. This is a team that is failing miserably and right now making the playoffs would be a dream come true. That will be a tough task.

Dwight Howard has been a miserable failure. It seems like he's been disinterested this year and just biding his time before becoming a restricted free agent in the off season. In my opinion, Dwight can't wait for the season to end and hopefully before the playoffs.

Not making the playoffs would mean less work for this lazy sack of number two. In my opinion, Dwight Howard is the most overrated player in the NBA. I think that he's a huge distraction to his teammates. That was proven last year in Orlando. Dwight calls himself Superman but in reality the guy is Superfailure.

Now back to the Los Angeles Jokesters, I mean Lakers. Their decision not to trade Howard is ridiculous and amateurish. You have a guy that other chump organizations will flock to. There would be a number of teams that would trade for him.

Even if the Lakers got very little for Howard, it would be more than they will get by not trading him. I think the chances of Superfailure playing for the Lakers next season are slim to none. The Lakers don't have the cap space to sign him to a contract that he will want.

If I were the Lakers I would trade him for a couple of draft picks. They should rid themselves of this useless player. They don't need to get much in return. They should let Dwight Howard know what they think of him.

Not trading Howard and getting absolutely nothing in return is a joke and is poor management. For their decision to do nothing with Dwight Howard, the Lakers are Wednesday's Fool of the Day.

Update: 5:37 PM 02/20/2013 Mitch Kupchak keeps opening his mouth and all that comes out is feces. Now Kupchak is saying that Dwight Howard is the team' future. Are you kidding me. Mitch needs to be fired. Howard is a failure and he will most likely sign with another team next year. Where's the cap room to make a deal to keep him?


  1. your points about him are so bang on that any GM in their right mind would be crazy to trade for SUPERFAILURE(good one)!!

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