Monday, February 4, 2013

Jim Harbaugh Is A Sore Loser

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Jim Harbaugh is a good coach but he's a sore loser. He had a teachable moment last night in a loss to a better team. The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII and they showed everyone that they were the better team. Instead of using this moment to teach his players how to act like grown men, Harbaugh blamed the officials for not making a holding call on the team's last offensive series.

I think it was a good non-call by the officials. Most experts that I've listened to agree with me. There were many calls in the game that could have gone the Ravens way. The officials allowed the players to play for a change. So Jim Harbaugh isn't only sore loser and poor sport, he's wrong.

We should expect this type of behavior from Jim. He's a poor sport. He has an attitude problem and he's a jerk. I'll admit that I dislike Jim Harbaugh. As a fan I sometimes get worked up but I expect NFL coaches to show some restraint. They are professionals. Sure I understand that in the heat of the moment and a big game, a coach can act like a clown. Jim Harbaugh did that last night.

As I mentioned above, I think this was a moment that the hot head could have used to teach his team about how to take the loss like men and use it to their advantage next year. As I said, calls could have gone both ways. I think the officials did a good job. I think it was fair.

If you want me to counter Harbaugh's nonsense with my own, I have one question for the idiot; John, how does one create a blackout? Ha ha ha ha. Seriously Jim, I know your henchman didn't pull the plug, right? That blackout sure did seem advantageous to your team. Baltimore had all the momentum and your team was being spanked and then poof, the lights went out.

The blackout allowed your team to regroup  didn't it? Was that coincidence? Was it Jim? Was it? A rational person would say it was. They would also say that there's a reason that some people didn't think the game should be played in an old building like the DudDome. I feel sorry for Mercedes. Their name, which is usually attached to superior technology and luxury is attached to that forsaken building.

The Mercedes-Benz Super Dome? That’s like calling the next Rolex watch the Lada Motors Rolex Edition Model. Ha ha ha ha ha. There's no way they would tarnish their reputation and quality like that. So the Mercedes-Benz Superdome wasn't so super was it? No it wasn't.

Enough of my taking pot shots at Jim and the stadium. My point is that both sides could have had reasons to complain. What we saw of Jim Harbaugh was a childish. Seeing on the sidelines acting like an infant and crying foul was ridiculous. This wasn't the first time jerk Jim has done it. He's a regular at histrionics and poor behavior. He's known for bumping another coach and poor sportsmanship. The guy is a crybaby and acts like a child.

This teachable moment passed Jim by. He can't take it back. Sore losers act like babies and they don't learn form their poor behavior. Jim Harbaugh is one of those men. Final score: John won. Jim didn't!

For his whining, crying and complaining Jim Harbaugh is Monday's Fool of the Day.


  1. Was this article written by a 9-year-old? Where's your evidence he's a sore loser or poor sport? Not to mention that holding or not, it was blatant contact past 5 yards... Ha ha ha ha, you're a fucking imbecile.

    1. Name calling shows your class and immaturity, pretty sad when you can't make an intelligent rebuttal.

    2. Welcome to Sportmentary Informed. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I don't usually allow posts like this where profanity is used. I can take your insults as it shows your immaturity but profanity laced comment will not be allowed again. Insult me all you with if you feel that it makes you sound intelligent. It doesn't.

    What facts do I need? The guy is a jerk. He's acted like a fool ont he sidelines before. He's ripped into officials before. He's shoved an opposing coach before. What proof do you need?

    I think the NFL should fine the guy $50,000 for making negative comments about the officials. It's time to kick this punk while he's done. Ravens win! Ravens win!

  3. Agree, Jim Harbaugh always seems to need an excuse when he loses, rather than just saying the other team was the better team today.

    1. Jim, thanks for the comment and welcome to Sportmentary.

  4. im going to wager here and say that you have never been on a stage as big as the super bowl. While he criticizes the refs, he has every right to do so. At that point in time, emotions are higher then anything you and I can ever imagine. Clearly, he is a very passionate coach about the game and his team.

    bill belicheck(sp) is a poor sport. not doing post game interviews because you lost. thats a poor sport. Harbaugh is a coach that cares. I would take either one of the harbaugh brother's as a coach of my favorite team any day.

    Your article is fraught with bias and half truths. where do you mention Harbaugh's comments like:

    "We want to handle this with class and grace. We had several opportunities in the game. We didn't play our best game. Ravens made a lot of plays. Our guys battled back to get in it. We competed and battled to win," he said.

    comments like "Ravens win! Ravens win!" seriously undermines your credibility as a writer.

    is the raven's coach a poor sport?

    1. Both Harbaughs' are poor sports(big bro's outburst during the black out) but falling for Jim's 'class' comments that were promptly followed up by roasting the ref's shows your bias towards Jim. I would rather he refuse to comment until he sees the film than blame it on the ref's. The 49'ers came out flat and but for the blackout the route was on. The real problem was going to Crabtree 3 times in a row. I would have liked to seen him give Kapernick the ball!

  5. bar2puck thanks for your commentary. Just because BB is an idiot doesn't make it right. Just curious, have you played on the big stage?

  6. He's been that way since starting his coaching debut that it's just a reason to dislike the Niners even if you like the players. It was nice to see in the Superbowl that the refs walked away from his constant tantrums. No one on his team holds, is ever offsides without offensive player moving. It is so bad with his tantrums, I swear referees actually look over to see if he's going to blow so they know whether to throw a flag. I mean this is the same guy who screamed his way into two extra challenges with the replacement refs. When they didn't get the play after the last one, he was halfway onto the field complaining. When the Seahawks took them to town toward the end of the season, every play they ran was illegal. The play at the end of the game was close, I think he let go after five yards but was just on top him the rest of the way which is totally legal. Why he's never been called into the commissioners office and told to lay off the refs is beyond me. He definitely doesn't show what a good sport is all about, and gives coaching a bad name.

    1. Welcome to Sportmentary and thanks for your comment. You make excellent points.

  7. nope. my biggest stage was in front of my team's parents as a 12 year old. my point is that while his comments are probably out of line it doesn't make him a sore-loser. it makes him a passionate coach about the game. He gets fired up, He is intense I like that in a coach. He gets wrapped up in the moment of the biggest stage he has ever been on.

    its a matter of expectation as well. You expect coaches to "show restraint". I expect coaches and players to get fired up. I think Ray Lewis is annoying, but I love that he does that whole fire the team up thing. teams need passion/intensity to win games. they need heart. take a look at the Washington Capitals, tons of talent, no heart. They need a harbaugh behind the bench to whip them in to shape.

    A sore loser would not talk to the media, not shake the other coaches hands, not admit that the ravens were better.

    The whole thing with the lions coach, he was just fired up and hit him on the back a lil too hard. I don't see any poor sportsmanship there.

    My point about BB was that a lot coaches do it. the intensity level is so high they are almost out of their minds. however that doesn't make it right.

    Bomber, you are right, he could have handled the situation in a much different manner. However, I have yet to find an article where he says "We lost because of the refs". All he is saying was that he thought it was a penalty. penalty or not, im not a ref, i don't care.

    Bias is not defending one coach, bias is saying things like "Ravens Win! Ravens Win!" that instantly shows me that sportsfan rooted for the ravens, and shows me his point of view. I didn't/don't care who won the super bowl.

    Sportsman took parts of an article that proved his point, he avoided parts of the article that went against his point, its unfair to do that. If he had written this article something like "Coach harbaugh was not cool by roasting the refs blah blah blah..." i would be less apt to comment.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Truthfully, I didn't really care who won. The only reason I went for the Ravens is that I'm an AFC guy. I wouldn't have been upset had the 49ers won. Sure, I'm a little happier that the Ravens won but I'm not a Ravens fan.

      Jim Harbaugh rubs me the wrong way, so I'm biased against him. Writing "Ravens Won, Ravens Won" was to get some people fired up.

      I'm not sure if you've read any of the other articles or the about us page but this is an in your face opinion site not meant for the faint of heart :)

      We do appreciate your comments. Keep coming back, we're happy to have you visit us!

    2. being a winnipeg jets fan, you'd have to be! :) you got linked on thats how i found this site, ill check it out....

    3. Great to have you here. Glad we got linked on Fark. We love to have debate and feedback on the site and it's all meant in good fun. We're passionate about sports and you do as well. We don't always get it right but we have fun nonetheless.

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