Friday, February 8, 2013

Winnipeg Jets Fans Need an Attitude Readjustment

Article written by The Comish - Winnipeg Corespondent Sportmentary Online Sports Talk.
The return of the Winnipeg Jets reinvigorated the entire City sending even non hockey fans into frenzy as Winnipeg was put back on the sporting map(not that it really left but that topic is for another article).

The MTS Centre was from opening day and still is the place to be to cheer on the home team. Players, media and fans around the NHL heaped praise on Winnipeg fans for their ear drum shattering support. Some even referred to Winnipeggers as the best fans in the league.

The fans have even come up with some unique chants such as ‘Crosby’s better’ which they shouted at the top of their lungs while welcoming Alex Ovechikin to the Phone Booth. This did not inspire Ovie but another cat call of ‘Jordan’s better’ inspired Eric Staal to lead his squad to victory over the Jets last year.

The fans also chant the opposition goalies name at the top of their lungs trying to cast a spell on him and knock him off his game.

There is one thing that Winnipeg Jets fans do each home game that is disturbing, childish and ineffective. They ‘boo’ the supposed best player on the opposing team every time he touches the puck. One of the privileges of being a member in the NHL is getting to see superstars in person that watching the AHL did not give fans the opportunity to do.

Unfortunately, the fans response is to greet those players with ‘boos’. I am not, never was and never will be an NHL hockey player but I do not see how the ‘boos’ would have any effect on a professional hockey player that is simply doing his job for his team. It does not work, it does not intimidate the players and it does not make them cough up the puck, make a bad pass or miss and empty net.

However, this passion, as some call it, displayed by the Winnipeg fans (not all but a good portion of them) is classless and immature. There are better ways to distract these professionals and this tactic makes otherwise intelligent fans look and sound silly. I say reserve the boos for a dirty hit or a bad call by the referee.

I do not mean to sound like a parent scolding his kids or turn this into the no fun league like the NFL big wigs have done but why not save the boos for when the opposing teams is on the power play or a dirty hit or a bad call by a referee or get loud as a team attempts to enter the Jets territory.

Another idea is to focus get crazy when Dustin Byfuglien makes an end to end rush or Mr. Pavelic makes a stellar save or guy or gal from section 355 wins a prize.

At the end of the day, the fans pay to see the game and it is a way to let off steam and forget ‘real’ life but this tactic of booing star players is getting old, tired and it is time to move on and show that Winnipeg fans do not have to steep so low as to ‘boo’ a star player for just touching the puck. There is no need to risk getting that star player to be even more motivated to play than he already should or is for the game.

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