Friday, February 15, 2013

It Looks Like Ryan Braun Needed A Lot Of Consulting Advice From Anthony Bosch

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When Ryan Braun's name first appeared on a document found at Anthony Bosch's clinic now being investigated for supplying athletes with performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), Ryan Braun once again denied rumors of PED use arguing that he reached out to Bosch for his consulting advice regarding his appeal of a Major League Baseball (MLB) suspension.

At the time I didn't believe Braun. Since he was first suspended (overturned on a technicality) by MLB I thought he was guilty as charged. I have and do think he's a cheat. I think his excuse for being on that list was a bunch of cow dung. I wish Braun's nose grew like Pinocchio's every time he didn't tell the truth.

It looks like we have more evidence (not 100% definitive proof) that Braun wasn't telling us the truth (my opinion). is reporting that Ryan Braun's name has surfaced on another Bosch document. The name Braun appears with the amount owed and it does look like it's for Bosch supplying the named person with PEDs.

I'm sure Braun will come up with another ridiculous explanation for being on the list. I'm sure he will say something like he forgot to tell the media that his name would appear on another consulting list. Yeah sure Ryan. I'm also sure that his fans will say that this is a witch hunt and that he's innocent. His fans aren't the brightest bulbs around are they?

I personally believe the probability that Braun is innocent of PED use is about one in a trillion. While there are not a trillion people on earth, he must be an alien from outer space. Maybe he should go with that explanation and say that Bosch was supplying him with some serum for aliens. He can then say that being an alien has given him super powers and that's why he's such a good baseball player.

Now I must tell you that the probability I came up with is not based on empirical evidence. It's my gut feeling about Braun. I think he's a cheat.

Baseball is conducting its own investigation into Braun and I hope this time this creep doesn't get away with cheating. I also hope that his Wisconsin fan base also wakes up smells the PEDs. I know they're the biggest homers in sports and they will buy anything one of their beloved professional athletes tells them but come on guys. How long will they stick with this clown?

I hope he gets a 50 game ban and then has a terrible career when he comes back. I hope the public treats him like they are treating Lance Armstrong who repeatedly denied his allegations. I'm hoping for the day Ryan is punished, shamed and ridiculed.

For his being linked to Bosch's clinic and his continued denials of PED use, Ryan Braun is Friday's Fool of the Day.

Ryan Braun on Clinic Documents

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