Friday, February 8, 2013

A Few Idiotic Duke Basketball Fans Taunt Player About His Grandmother's Death

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Disclosure: I believe only a few Duke fans uttered insensitive comments mentioned below that were directed towards Tyler Lewis. This article is directed at those fans only and not the entire cheering section. I believe most fans were yelling "It's past your bedtime".

A few idiotic Duke basketball fans seemed to taunt North Carolina State's player Tyler Lewis regarding his grandmother's death during a game last night. Tyler's grandmother passed away February 1st. I've heard some stupid chants by sports fans in the past but this one is one of the most idiotic. The alleged chant that was uttered was; "How's your grandma?"

If those are the words that were uttered, those students are punks. While not all Duke students should be branded as idiots and morons, the fans that took part in this ridiculous chant are void of common sense and decency. You would think that college students would have the brain capacity to know that this type of behavior isn't only wrong but also vile.

NCAA Duke Blue Devils Collegiate Deluxe Official Size Rubber BasketballThe good thing is that these morons now have their mugs available for the world to see. Their friends, relatives and parents can see what a bunch of insensitive gnats their loved ones are. These morons' future employers now also have evidence that they could potentially be hiring a complete and utter piece of cow dung.

I believe that receiving a college education is a privilege. I also believe that certain types of conduct should be expected and also forbidden. In my opinion the clowns who chanted the vile chant have forfeited their right to a college education.

Videos of these people should be distributed to every college and university in the nation. Let's see how far that gets these losers. Let's see if other schools of higher education want to take a chance on the garbage that they might be allowing to walk on their campuses.

What I wish would happen won't. These students pay the university good bucks in the form of tuition. The greenback rules the day. At the very least these morons should be banned for life from watching another sporting event on campus.

If that were to happen, at least we would all be rid of hearing a bunch of idiotic punks uttering complete and utter garbage. These students have sewers for mouths. Their mouths and brains are cesspools.

Update: As mentioned in the opening to the article, I believe only a few fans uttered the chant. Most seemed to be uttering "Past your bedtime".

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