Friday, February 1, 2013

How Does Shane Doan Feel Now?

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I wonder how Shane Doan feels now. Before the lockout and when Shane Doan was an unrestricted free agent he could have his pick of teams. He could have picked a team that had a chance of making the playoffs. He could have picked a team that lived in a market that loves hockey. In the end he chose to sign with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Shane Doan Signed Picture - 8x10Choosing the Coyotes had to do with his belief that the Coyotes would not only stay in Arizona but would be sold to an owner that would bring stability to the franchise. He didn't want to play another season with the team's future in jeopardy.

When Doan decided to stay with Phoenix I laughed. I thought the guy was loyal but had made a stupid decision. I thought his decision would come back to bite him in the arse and it has. That's hilarious. I can't stop laughing at him.

Shane Doan must be cussing and throwing a hissy fit today. Word came last night that the Phoenix Coyotes would be owner and the expected new owner Greg Jamison couldn't come up with the funds to buy the team by last night's deadline.

The Phoenix Coyotes future is in as much doubt today as it was last year. They don't have an owner and  a potential deal to sell the team has fallen apart again. The Coyotes could be on the move soon. Parlez-Vous Frances Shane? Quebec is looking good isn't? It sure does. Shane, get used to being a Quebec Nordiques player. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I wonder if Shane is howling like a good Coyote now. Why am I making fun of Shane Doan't? Because he's ding dong. After last year's playoffs when the spoil sport and whiner refused to shake the hands of the Kings, I lost all respect for the clown.

This is awesome. The guy gambled on Jamison being the owner. He gambled and lost. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is hilarious. Doan is a fool and I love it. Enjoy the desert for another year Shane. Get ready for Quebec. I'm sure you'll love it.


  1. I'm sure Shane Doan is enjoying the desert, and probably will for the rest of his career. At 5.3 million a year for the next four years, I think I could get used to living in Arizona in the winter.

    Doan, like the vast majority of players who have played in the NHL, will not win a Stanley Cup. The question is: how important is that to the player? Does winning a Cup supersede a comfortable family life-style on your ranch? Is winning a Cup worth up-rooting your young family to move to a city that has sub zero temperatures (Celsius) eight months of the year?

    As hard as it is to believe for avid hockey fans, smart players know that a Stanley Cup is not a realistic goal. Really it's just the cherry on top of the career they have been fortunate to enjoy. I think Shane Doan knew this when he moved to Arizona and concentrated on providing his family with a comfortable life-style in a great climate.
    When Doan's contract expires, he will be forty years old, and if the Coyotes move before that, I don't think he will be pressured financially to go to a new city.

    Did Shane Doan gamble and lose? I don't think so. He has more money than he will ever need, a young family who he is raising in a great environment, and the fact he will never wear a Stanley Cup ring is irrelevant in the big picture.

  2. Jerome, thanks for your comment.

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