Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello, Hello, Answer the Door, It's the Great Terrell Owens Here. Knock, Knock. Open the Door.

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Have you ever had an annoying, stubborn person who keeps knocking on your door and won't leave you alone? Ever think that person reminds you of an annoying telemarketer? If the answer is yes, that person might be the has-been we like to call Terrell "Terribly Obnoxious" Owens (TO). is reporting that Owens stood outside a woman's house allegedly knocking on her door for about three hours. Police later confronted the football player after the woman called the cops and said she made it clear that Terrell Owens wasn't welcome there.

So it looks like Owens failed miserably again. Maybe he's hard of hearing or maybe he doesn't know the meaning of the word no. He should know that word as a bunch of football teams have said no to him lately.

I think TO doesn't believe that people are really saying no. Maybe TO doesn't think they should be saying no to him. I sure hope that the police take this seriously. The woman was clearly bothered by this guy. What type of person continues to knock on someone's door for three hours?

I think that type of person is suffering from mental health issues. It is alleged that TO has suffered from mental health issues in the past. This guy needs help. I think this guy has serious issues and I hope he doesn't do something violent to an innocent person.

We might want to laugh at this guy being dedicated to his new craft of door knocking but it shows us a person who seems to be deranged and who has lost the ability to act like a rational human being. It is clear to me that TO is in serious need of intervention. His mental health needs to be evaluated.

I'm sure if you ask this has-been if he thinks he's become a professional door knocker, he would say no. He might not even realize he knocked on the door for that long. Someone who isn't thinking clearly would understand that they are acting inappropriately.

I also have advice for other people. If someone is knocking on your door and refuses to stop and leave, call the cops right away. Don't wait three hours.

This is a weird story. Something doesn't add up. Then again when it comes to TO, many things don't add up.

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