Monday, February 18, 2013

Gun, What Gun, Da'Quan Bowers Arrested at LaGuardia Airport for Carrying a Gun

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Most people know that carrying a gun in an airport let alone a loaded handgun is against the law. Most people with half a brain knows not to do that. As far as Da'Quan Bowers a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is concerned, he never received the memo about how to act in an airport.

Da'Quan was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for illegally carrying a handgun. The gun was found in a carry-on bag. Bowers has to be one of the biggest idiots in the NFL. Seriously Da'Quan? Seriously? How could this dingbat not know that you can't carry a handgun onto a plane?

Where has this guy been? What planet it this moron from. Doesn't this dummy know that airport security looks for people carrying weapons? Doesn't he know that they would arrest him for acting like a thug? What was the purpose of this gangster carrying a gun onto a domestic flight?

This guy is scary either for not knowing he can't bring a gun onto a plane or for being a criminal and wanting to bring a gun onto a plane. In either case this guy needs to pay the price. I hope that they throw the book at this idiot. They need to make an example out of him.

Anyone who's been at an airport or flies a plane wants to feel safe while flying. Having a complete numskull bringing a loaded weapon onto the flight makes me scared to fly. How many idiots like Bowers are there? How many idiots think that they can bring loaded handguns onto a plane?

Besides any criminal penalty that this guy receives, I hope the NFL penalizes him as well. I don't think we should let this thug gangster get away with this crime. I hope that the feds don't let him off the hook with a slap on the wrist.

Guys like Bowers disgust me. I believe that tough guys like Bowers feel that they can wield their power and influence by carrying and flashing their weapons at people. These guys think that they are tough and can do whatever they want.

Maybe he should spend some time in the pokey. Let's see how tough he is without his weapon. Let's see how he defends himself with other tough guys wanting to make him their girlfriend. Will he think he's a tough guy then?

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