Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dwight Howard Back in Lineup. Lakers Lose

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Dwight Howard was back in the Lakers lineup on Thursday night and the Lakers were destroyed by the Boston Celtics 116-95. Is there a cause and effect relationship with Lakers losses and Dwight Howard in the lineup? Who really knows the answer to that question?

What we do know is that the Lakers had won three straight games with Howard out of the lineup with an injury before tonight's game with the Boston Celtics. The Lakers were on winning streak. Then Kobe went off on Howard and criticized the guy for not playing through his injury. Howard succumbed to the pressure and returned to the lineup tonight.

The Lakers seem to be better off without Howard. The guy is a liability. I wasn't a fan of this ingrate joining the club. I thought he would be a distraction on and off the court. The guy is a distraction to the guys in the locker room.

Howard is a selfish player. The Lakers need to dump him and get whatever they can for him. The Lakers have said they will not trade the guy. What are these clowns thinking? Howard hasn't committed to returning to the club. He will be a free agent and the Lakers will get bupkis if he decides not to return.

Only a complete moron wouldn't trade Howard under these circumstances. Then again, this team's leadership would make a good act in any circus. They seem to have no clue about how to run an NBA franchise. They are out to lunch.

It's time that the Lakers hired some people who know what they're doing. They could then hire a competent head coach and decide what to do with Dwight Howard.

The Lakers were licking their chops when they won the Howard trade sweepstakes. At the time I thought that any team that traded for this low life should have their head examined. There were many experts who anointed the Lakers as NBA champions due to the team acquiring Dwight.

How wrong they were. Howard has to be the laziest and most selfish NBA player. They guy is useless. Hopefully this NBA season has made Howard's stock plummet. I don't think he should have a starting role for any team in the NBA. The one thing that this guy has proven is that he's a cancer in the locker room.

If you want to lose games and destroy your chances of having a good season then Dwight Howard is your guy.

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