Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did the Lakers Know About Dwight Howard's Addiction?

Article written by The Comish - Winnipeg Correspondent Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Dwight Howard has said that he is a kid at heart. In my book that makes him a good guy as it shows he has not lost touch with reality and he still has one foot on the ground despite being an NBA all-star. He may not be the greatest teammate or have the mental fortitude to lead the Lakers to a championship but I came across some interesting evidence adduced by ESPN to back up his claim and it was refreshing to learn that Superman's vice is not drugs, women, alcohol or all of the above but it is CANDY!!

Jim Rome was ranting and raving about this vice as if though Mr. Howard was the most irresponsible athlete on earth. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Rome as this shows that Dwight is human and I would rather he be eating a mars bar before bed than plying himself full of cocaine or PED's. Dwight has publicly stated that he is working on kicking the habit and since reducing his candy intake he no longer feels tired or sluggish on the court.

One report indicated that he used to keep boxes of candy in his nightstand. They quoted Howard as saying that his pantry and nightstands were full of every candy you could think of including Skittles, blow pops, Laffy Taffy, Reese’s Pieces and Kit Kats . The Wrigley Company was well aware of his vice and not only sent him 30 pounds of Skittles but gave him a pinball machine that holds and dispenses up to 30 packs of Skittles.

I find this story to be charming, refreshing and sweet (pun intended). It gives us insight into Mr. Howard's world but it also adds more sugar to his detractors tea and he has many of them as his is being vilified for his poor play with the Lakers and will ultimately be the scapegoat should they miss the playoffs.

I can just see Kobe screaming "have another Kit Kat" as he misses a layup or Coach D'antoni making him do a man maker for every skittle he eats. The fans will probably be up in arms over this and blame management for failing to find out about Superman's sweet tooth.

I hope that the critics don't blow this out of proportion or make a mountain out of a sugar hill because Dwight could be harming his body in many ways that are far more detrimental to his health and the team but he is not. He is still in great shape and should be given credit for looking within himself to figure out a way to play better even if it means eating an apple a day to keep the detractors away instead of a spoonful of sugar to help him hit a free throw.

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