Saturday, February 9, 2013

Curt Schilling is a Liar

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Curt Schilling is a liar. Earlier in the week the piece of horse manure accused former Red Sox medical staff member Mike Reinold of encouraging him to use PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) in 2008 while he was a member of the pitching staff and recovering from an injury. is reporting that both the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball (MLB) conducted investigations into the allegations and found bozo the clown's claim to be "baseless". If his accusations are indeed false, Schilling is a disgusting person. He basically tried to ruin the reputation of a man who did nothing wrong.

I believe that even though Boston's and MLB's investigations were swift and exonerated Reinold, damage has been done to his reputation. I hope that there is a basis for Reinold suing the pants off creep Schilling. His ridiculous claims and behavior should not be tolerated.

MLB’s investigation seems to prove that Schilling is a lying sack of cow dung. I hope that both the public and the media shun this piece of garbage. He made up baseless claims against an innocent man. Why would this creep do that? I don't know why he would do that.

Schilling still stands by his claims. I guess there's always the possibility that he's telling the truth but I place that possibility at about .000000001 %. While Major League Baseball might have concluded their investigation quickly or that some people might believe that they are trying to cover up the facts, I think they have too much to lose in bad PR if that is found out to be the truth.

While reading various news publications since Schilling's claims were made public on Thursday, a number of people stated that they didn't believe them. They painted a picture of a guy who has said crazy things before. I have no evidence that those people are correct about that but I do believe that there is no basis for Schilling's claims.

For his idiotic behavior, Curt is Saturday's Fool of the Day. I think that Curt should check himself into a mental health facility for evaluation. If he made this up he has serious mental health issues.

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