Thursday, February 7, 2013

Could Joe Flacco Have Gone From Hero to Goat?

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NFL Films has caught Joe Flacco telling teammate Dennis Pitta to run onto the field if Ted Ginn Jr. had broken free on the free kick that ended up being the last play of Super Bowl XLVII. Could Flacco have gone from hero to goat in just seconds?

Had Flacco or Pitta actually run onto the field, they would have made Jim Harbaugh look like a saint and a person who embraces fair play and sportsmanship. Joe should request a trade to San Francisco. Jim seems like the perfect coach for the guy.

I wonder if Flacco was serious. I'm glad that it never happened but if it did, I would hope that the NFL would have suspended Flacco for at least a year. Remember that New York Jets coach that was run out of the game for tripping a player on the sideline? The NFL didn't tolerate that garbage.

Joe must have been kidding. Could you actually see him doing that? Actually he probably would have. This is a win at all cost type of league. Fans seem to embrace the player or coach that acts like a punk. There are many people defending Jim Harbaugh's actions these days as someone who hates to lose and shows passion when he does.

I view people like Harbaugh as punks. I know that might not be popular. I know that some people will hammer me again but forgive me for believing that a person, even a famous one should have integrity. Forgive me for believing that a league built on integrity will be stronger in the end and stand the test of time.

Forgive me for believing that there should be no place for players running onto the field during play. I believe if a moron does that, he should suffer the consequences. Those consequences should be severe. Since our society values money above all else, hit these creeps where it counts. No, not in the coconuts, in their wallets.

Assuming that Flacco had run onto pitch as the British would say and he was suspended for multiple seasons, it would hurt him in the pocketbook and it would send a message to other clowns that that type of behavior wouldn't be acceptable.

Sure this is all make believe. Joe didn't have to run onto the field of play. Ginn didn't even seem to make a valid attempt at breaking free or keeping the play alive. So Joe ended up being the hero. I'm glad that's what happened but I'm still annoyed that there was a possibility that he would have acted like a schmuck if given the chance to do so.

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