Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Great Day For Minnesota Vikings Players Past And Present

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Saturday turned out to be a great day for the Minnesota Vikings and two of its players. One is a present player and the other is a former player. Both of them have and do play a pivotal role in the team's success. The players that I'm talking of are Cris Carter and Adrian Peterson. Carter was a wide receiver for the Vikings from 1990 to 2001. Peterson is a running back (RB) for the Vikings. Both players were recognized for their achievements on Saturday.

Cris Carter Signed Photo - 8x10 W coaCris Carter - Played in the NFL and became the second player in the history of the NFL to accumulate 1,000 catches in a season. Carter seemed like he had stickem on his hands and toes because he made some amazing catches, some of them tip toeing along the sideline.

I had the pleasure of watching Carter play. The guy was incredible. He made some amazing plays and he was a go to guy for the club. This was a long time coming for Carter. In my opinion he should have been elected to the Hall of Fame years ago.

At least he's being recognized now. I'm sure that he's ecstatic over his election to the Hall. Congrats Cris, you deserve it.

Adrian Peterson (AP) - AP was voted the NFL's most valuable player (MVP) for 2012. That award goes with another award he earned on Saturday. Earlier in the day AP also received the offensive player of the year award. AP is deserving of the MVP award. AP carried the Vikings offense on his back and finished the 2012 season just nine yards shy of setting the NFL's single season rushing record.

What makes AP's accomplishments particularly amazing is that he recovered from a major knee surgery from an injury suffered in the 2011 season. Not only was it amazing how he recovered but he did it in only eight months and had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history.

Vikings fans like me are really happy for AP. All Day was great this season and I hope that he can have an encore season next year. Hopefully he sets the single season rushing record in 2013.

This was a great day for Minnesota Vikings fans and two of our players. Cris finally got the respect he deserves and AP was recognized for the amazing season that he had.

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