Monday, January 28, 2013

Would You Let Your Child Play Football?

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Would you let your child play football? That's the million dollar question being asked these days. When the President of the United States says that he would have to think long and hard if he would let a son of his play football (he obviously doesn't have a son) then you know head injuries and concussions in football are a hot topic these days. It’s also easier for the President to weigh in on this question since he doesn’t have a son.

Players' wives, mothers, sisters and pets are chiming in on this issue. The NFL is being sued by anyone who ever came close to walking on an NFL field, claiming that the NFL is responsible for their lifelong head injuries. I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of concussions and head injuries.

The problem I have is players coming out of the woodwork to sue the NFL. I believe almost every player signed up for the violent sport and willingly put themselves in harm's way. Today's players know the risks and have been educated about the risks of concussions and head injuries and they still try to fake being healthy in order to take another hit to the noggin. It's the culture of the sport and it doesn't look like the players care to change the way they play the game. I sure hope this generation doesn't sue the NFL when they realize that their brains have turned to mush.

The other problem with Arthur and Martha telling us that they don't want their children playing football is that they are basing their decisions on what they see and hear about the NFL. Let's get one thing straight. A minute proportion of all American football players will ever make the NFL.

A very small amount of American football players will ever make it on to a college football field. So we're basing our decision to allow or not to allow our children to play the game on the concussions suffered by NFL players who make up such a small percentage of the overall amount of Americans who play the sport at the highest level.

Before we as parents decide not to allow our children to play a sport that millions of Americans have played for many decades (without suffering major injuries), shouldn't we look at the risks involved at the lowest levels of the sport? That's where most of our children play. Almost none of our children will make it to the NFL and sustain the type of Mack truck hit that the professional player faces on weekly basis.

Parents should feel reassured that the NFL, NFLPA and other organizations are spending millions of dollars on research and safety programs for our children who play the game at Pop Warner and high school levels. Maybe the question that fathers and mothers should be asking is; will I allow my child to play in the NFL? Sorry pops, they will make that decision for themselves.

Would I allow my son to play the game? I don't have a son so it's easy for me to say yes. I don't know what my answer would if I did.

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