Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winnipeg Jets Fail the Paying Customer

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The Winnipeg Jets have failed their fan base, the paying customer. They have failed miserably in the message that they posted on their website yesterday evening. The message falls short and seems to be less than contrite. As I was reading the message I felt the message was insincere. It feels as if the Winnipeg Jets are taking their fan base for granted.

The team may feel that it has good reason to feel that way. The fans were so eager to get NHL hockey back in the Peg that they dished out huge amounts of money. Season tickets were grabbed up in record time. The city was energized for the NHL's first year back in Winnipeg last season (2010/11).

I think that the Jets are underestimating the damage that this lockout has done or the ill feelings being felt by the fan base. Does that mean that Winnipeg Jets fans will not flock to the arena? No, I think they will but a bitter seed has been planted.

The Jets had an opportunity of constructing a sincere and heart felt message, a message that would have been accepted by the community. Instead, the Jets acted as if they have their fans where they want them. They showed the fan that the only thing they care about is their money. They showed the fan that they don't fear that the money will dry up.

This was a horrible example of public relations. Should we have expected anything other than this type of response? I guess not. The NHL and the players have done a miserable job at the PR game. Every message that they constructed during the lockout was insincere. It felt as if a bozo had released those messages.

I had hoped that my favorite team would have done better. I had hoped that my team would show some real appreciation to the fan. They didn't do that and I'm disappointed in them. The message that was posted for all Winnipeg Jets fans to see must have been constructed by the same fool that released previous NHL messages.

Maybe the message was written by the biggest fools of all, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. Has damage been caused by this message? Yes there has. It might not be immediate. It might be in a few years. If the Jets have losing seasons, that fan base might dry up. The fan might remember this day and decide to keep their hard earned money in their pockets.

The best PR and marketing is done with the future in mind. The Winnipeg Jets showed that they are only thinking about the immediate future. That's a terrible approach. They should be showing their appreciation to the fan base now, even when they have their arena automatically filled to capacity and with little to no effort exerted.

That won't always be the case. The approach shown this week could have drastic consequences in years to come. Shame to the Jets for acting in this manner. No message would have been better the piece of trash that they published.

For the message that they posted yesterday on their site the Winnipeg Jets are Tuesday's Fool of the Day.

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