Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Would Anyone Want The New York Jets GM Job?

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
I was reading an article recently about the Jets narrowing their GM search to Jerry Angelo and Scott Cohen. Angelo and Cohen must be suckers for punishment. They must like placing themselves in impossible and no win situations. Why else would they or anyone else for that matter want the New York Jets GM job? I think you would have to be desperate to take this job.

A new GM would be coming into a terrible situation. They will inherit a head coach and resident clown Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan will be the head coach of the team and will also have a say on who is hired as the new GM. Why would anyone want to come into a situation where they are forced to inherit Ryan? Wouldn't most GMs like to come into a new job and have the decision making power to fire or hire the coach?

Why would a new GM want to take a job where their supposed subordinate had a hand in them being hired? That answer to this question and the ones above is the most people with some sort of self-worth wouldn't want to take the Jets job under these circumstances.

That's not all. A new GM will inherit a Jets offense that's in shambles. They will inherit Mark Sanchez and have to decide what to do with that loser. If they decide to dump his sorry butt, they will have to draft a QB, trade for one or sign a free agent QB that's available on the free agency market.

While the Jets could draft for a QB they would still need to bring a new one in. Rex Ryan needs to win now and can't afford to be part of a rebuilding process. This is a terrible situation to find yourself in as a new GM. A new GM will also be under the gun to turn a terrible team around.

It seems like an impossible situation to me. It wouldn't be impossible if a new GM could come into the job with the ability to fire Rex Ryan and hire who they'd want. The GM would then have full power to make the team their own.

I think the proper way of handling the mess the Jets find themselves in would have been to hire a new GM as their first priority. They should have hired a GM that would have full authority to make the decisions that he felt were necessary to make the Jets a winner.

As I said earlier, I'm not sure why anyone would take this position. If I were applying for the job, I would make it clear that I would want full authority to make all personnel decisions including the head coaching position.

It looks like the new GM will be a lame duck GM. Will the new GM have any decision making powers or will all decisions have to go to Rex "Krusty the Clown" Ryan?

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