Monday, January 21, 2013

"We Have Too Many Issues" - D'Antoni States The Obvious

The Lakers lost to one of the worst teams on Sunday. Yes, they lost to the Toronto Raptors. After the loss, D'Antoni stated the obvious saying "We have too many issues". OK, so D'Antoni isn't a rocket scientist but he's showing why the Lakers made an idiotic decision to hire this knucklehead. For his obvious statement D'Antoni is the Fool of the Day for Monday.

I'll simplify this for D'Antoni. You are a pathetic coach. Your system sucks. Please go and learn about defense. The Lakers hired D'antoni for his offense and because they thought it would be good for Steve Nash.

D'Antoni hasn't worked out well for the Lakers. The Lakers will be lucky to make the playoffs and that will be a long shot. The Lakers are terrible and most of the blame should fall on D'Antoni and his poor system that doesn't seem to account for defense.

I'd like D'Antoni to man up and admit that his system has failed. He should admit that he's a failure in LA. I'd like him to admit that his system doesn't account for defense. When he was hired he made it clear that he expected the Lakers to score points. He led Lakers fans to believe that a high powered offense would be the ticket to a championship.

The Lakers have scored tons of points. The Lakers are 5th in points scored per game. That would be awesome if the Lakers had a clue about how to play defense. They don't because D'Antoni never thought that it was important.

I know that I've been hard on D'Antoni this season. I hated the hire. I thought that having a system that didn't address defense would be the nail in the Lakers coffin and it has been so far this season. The Lakers are 26th in points allowed per game.

It's become obvious that not having a defense has led to the Lakers losing record. It's made no difference that the Lakers are scoring tons of points.

The Raptors game proves that and it’s only one example out of many where this has been true. The Lakers lost 108-103. Yippy yay, the Lakers scored over 100 points again. So what? They lost to a terrible team. They couldn't beat a team that's a laughing stock in the NBA.

The Raptors game was another embarrassment to the Lakers and while I can sit here and write until I'm blue in the face about how bad a decision it was to hire D'Antoni, Mike D'Antoni needs to take ownership for being a failure.

D'Antoni is being paid gobs of money to lead the Lakers to one of their worst seasons ever. He needs to learn about defense and he needs to teach his team about defense. It's not working out well and the Lakers are becoming a punch line of too many jokes.

I'm sick of the D'Antoni era already and it's just begun. This is incredibly sad for this Lakers fan.

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