Monday, January 21, 2013

Vegas Odds Provide the Ravens With Locker Room Ammo

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Vegas has already provided their early odds for Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Vegas has the 49ers as 4 1/2 point favorites. I tend to agree with those odds and would actually place the 49ers as 7 1/2 point favorites, even though I would like to see Ray Lewis and the Ravens notch their second Super Bowl.

Signed Ray Lewis Photograph - Smoke 8x10Ray Lewis has been an inspiration to his defense and his Ravens teammates. The Ravens overcame great odds to reach the Super Bowl. They were huge underdogs in both the AFC divisional game against Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos and Tom Brady's New England Patriots. No one gave this team a chance.

We found out on Sunday that the Patriots were outplayed in the second half. The game wasn't even close and the Ravens defense shut down one of the greatest quarterbacks (QBs) to play the game. Baltimore has used their critics' words as motivation.

They've taken the odds for their previous games and flushed them down the toiled. The Ravens will relish in being the Super Bowl underdog. They will take their odds and use them as toilet paper, because in their minds that's all the Vegas odds makers are worth. They will use these odds as ammunition to be used against the 49ers come game time.

We should also give Joe Flacco some credit. When Joe Flacco said that believed that he was an elite QB, everyone laughed. I know I did. Until this season and the playoffs, I thought that Flacco was a great choker and anything but elite. Flacco proved during the AFC playoffs that he's a winner.

Sure, the Ravens defense is probably the best in the NFL but Joe Flacco provides the Ravens with an offensive threat. The guy can throw the long ball. He proved yesterday that he can lead his team on long drives and that he could burn his opponents. Joe Flacco has emerged as a winner and good QB.

What do the Vegas odds mean? They mean jack. If the Ravens use these odds like they've used previous odds and criticism, the 49ers better watch out. This could very well be a great encore game for ray Lewis as he hopes to have the best retirement party that he could wish for.

Don't be surprised if the ravens win the Super Bowl. Don't be surprised if they find a way to rattle Colin Kaepernick. That might be a tough task but the Ravens have shown us that they've been up for any challenge that they've faced during the NFL playoffs so far.

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