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What a Bunch of Mularkey!

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What a bunch of Mularkey or should I say Malarkey about it. Mike Mularkey was fired as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars who finished their 2012 campaign at 2-14. I guess the Jags want instant results but Mularkey was in his first year as the Jaguars coach. The Jacksonville Jaguars want to show their fans that they are a no nonsense team committed to winning. This firing was nonsense and for that the Jaguars are Thursday's Fool of the Day.

The problem that I have with this firing is that Mularkey inherited a terrible team. Let's look at the previous four years of Jacksonville Jaguars football (Under Jack Del Rio):
2011 - Jaguars finished 5-11
2010 - Jaguars finishes 8-8
2009 - Jaguars finished 7-9
2008 - Jaguars finished 5-11

It's clear that the Jaguars are a terrible team and Mularkey inherited a toilet bowl full of #2. That's no Malarkey. Giving him only one year to turn around a sinking ship doesn't seem fair to me. Some of Mularkey's critics might argue that his career record is only 16-32 but the other team that he head coached was the Buffalo Bills. His record there was 14-18. That's actually not bad for the Bills. He was probably their best coach in 15 years.

Who knows what Mularkey could do if he coached a credible football team. That will be the problem for him. His head coaching record will tell a story to many NFL franchises. They will feel that he can't improve a losing team.

That might be the case but the teams he's coached are pathetic from top to bottom. Sure a new owner took over the Jaguars in the past couple of seasons but the jury is out if he has a clue about the NFL. I'm not sure he does.

The message that Jacksonville is sending with this firing is that they expect results immediately. They've become too accustomed to losing. They might also want to make the Jaguars a little more attractive before their move to LA. I’m Just kidding about the LA stuff. That's purely a guess on my part.

I believe that prior to this season three NFL teams were on the short list of possible new tenants in LA. Those teams are/were the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Minnesota solved their stadium issues. Minnesota legislators voted to build a new stadium. The Vikings are staying put for a long time.

The Buffalo Bills recently agreed to a lease extension for their stadium and will also be staying put for some time.

That leaves the Jaguars. I'll admit that since they are so bad I don't follow them but haven't heard of any long term plans for the club.

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