Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Wrong Ryan Twin Was Fired

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The wrong Ryan brother was fired today. Rob Ryan the brother of the clown named Rex was fired today by the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones had said after the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs that changes would be made. Rob, the defensive coordinator has been the first coach to be thrown under the proverbial bus.

If anyone was going to be fired by the Cowboys it should have been Cowboys GM, Jerry Jones. That won't happen because that GM is also the owner of the team and he must think that he's capable of doing the job. Jones is an inept and incompetent GM. He should resign from that position.

The Ryan that should have been fired is Rex Ryan. Ryan sucks as a head coach. He's a joke and a disaster. The Jets have stated that Rex's job is safe. That's absolutely idiotic. It defies logic how Ryan escaped being fired. The guy made too many mistakes and his love of Sanchez seems to have clouded any judgment that he previously had.

I know that I've written a lot about Rex Ryan and my dislike for him. I do dislike the buffoon. My criticism stems from my disagreement of how he handled the Mark Sanchez situation. Mark Sanchez was the worst quarterback in the NFL.

Instead of benching Sanchez when he should have, he continued to start the terrible quarterback. That's why the Jets lost game after game. It was Rex's fault and his alone why the Jets finished 6-10 this season. Rex also jerked around Tim Tebow. That was shameful and disgusting.

Rex Ryan is a classless coach. This bungling coach doesn't deserve to be a head coach in the NFL. He's proven to me that he's useless and a liability to the Jets. I'm not sure why he continues to fly under the radar. Why was he able to escape being fired when his team was a laughing stock of the NFL?

Rex Ryan also lacked control of his team and they were in the news for all the wrong reasons this season. He had no control of his players who anonymously made derogatory comments about one another.

Rex Ryan now turns to his role as the loving twin brother who has to console Rob for being fired. I know a great way that Rex can help put a smile on his brother's face. He should show him the tattoo he has of his wife in a sexual position wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. The problem is that Rob might fracture his ribs after laughing so hard.

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