Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sheepeople Rejoice- NHL Lockout Over

Article written by The Comish - Winnipeg Correspondent Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
The NHL lockout is over and the crybabies on both sides have kissed and made up. Once the new deal is ratified they will be bff's. The Sheepeople are rejoicing like kids opening presents on Christmas, which should be met with righteous indignation rather than forgiving the fight between billionaires vs. millionaires resulting in collateral damage to businesses that tied their wagon to the NHL brand.

More importantly this was a fight that cost thousands of minimum wage earners at arenas across North America thousands of dollars. Those people can never earn that money back. They are the real losers in this most unfortunate battle over issues and dollar amounts that the average person only wishes was a problem for them.

Yes, Virginia there will be a season be it 52,50 or 48 games but why rejoice? We should rejoice when there is peace in the world or no more starving babies or homeless people or racism or mass shootings at schools or cancer is cured.

Hockey much like any other form of entertainment be it football, basketball, theatre or movies is an escape from reality for most fans hence the rabid enthusiasm exuded by grown men who fawn over millionaire brats most of whom are not responsible enough to handle the fame and fortune playing in the NHL affords them.

However, this lockout should be a signal to any sane person that the NHL and NHLPA don’t care about fans and that this is first and foremost a business.

Fortunately, for the NHL the love of hockey is ingrained in most fans at young age (In Canada a few markets in the US). They are taught to live, eat and breathe Hockey. It is unfortunate that 'big business' preys on the innocence of youth and shovels the NHL brand down their throats. This is not the NHL that millions of hockey fans grew up loving. It is for the elite and well to do.

The league panders to corporate America and entices otherwise rational parents to think that if they spend thousands of dollars and countless hours at the rink their little Johnny, Tommy or Timmy can make the NHL and live La Vida Loca.

Furthermore, the tickets are overpriced, the hockey is watered down, the violence is out of control and the league and its players consistently thumb their noses at the fans.

At the end of the day there is more wrong with the NHL than right but the Sheepeople will still rejoice and welcome back this broken down brand like a long lost friend. The Sheepeople will shower the NHL with unconditional love and the NHL will gladly take their hard earned money without saying so much as thank you.

Hockey is a great game and in its purest form there is no better sport to watch or play. Unfortunately, when it comes to the NHL brand the innocence is long gone and just because a deal has been struck does not mean that the NHL has fixed what ails. For the Sheepeople who are just looking for an escape from reality there can be no better feeling and this plays right into the hands of a league that treats its fans as if they are Rodney Dangerfield dressed in sheep's clothing.


  1. NHL hockey in my opinion is the best sporting event to see live in person, with that said every game should be more empty than full to send a message to owners and players that these lockouts every few years need to end. Fans need to voice their displeasure with their wallets. I will not attend an NHL game this year and I will not buy any merchandise and I urge everyone else to do the same. Let the owners beg us to come back and beg some more, let the players hear the silence they created, let them know they need us more than we need them. I'll see you next year NHL... maybe.

  2. JB, Thanks for your comment. We appreciate your involvement and comments!
    You echo many a fan's feelings including myself. I grew up in Canada and hockey is in my blood. The NHL I watched back in the '80's was more innocent and the players more passionate about the game. The players today are more talented, bigger and faster but that passion doesn't compare to the stickman player of yesteryear.

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