Sunday, January 6, 2013

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Soar in to the Divisional Playoff Round

The Seattle Seahawks got off to a terrible start at the beginning of today's NFC wild card game against the Washington Redskins. They fell behind 14-0 before the Seahawks defense decided to show up and take control of this game. Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawk offenses started to soar on their third possession. They never looked back as they defeated the Redskins 24-14.

Wilson does it all. He passes well, runs well and even blocks for his running backs. He knows how to move the ball and he looks like a veteran quarterback out there, not a rookie. Wilson amazed me today. When the chips were down early, he didn't panic. He kept his composure. He showed why he's so valuable to Seattle.

Wilson finished the game 15 for 26 with 187 yards passing and one touchdown. He didn't have any interceptions. That's pretty good for rookie's first playoff game.

I've said it before. If I had a choice of one of the three rookie quarterbacks (QBs) of RG3, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, I would take Wilson. The guy has a complete game. He's good running the ball and he's mobile when he has to be. His accuracy passing the ball has surprised me this season.

His leadership and work ethic are also great qualities. The guy prepares well for games. He always knows about his opponents and the teams he's going to face. The guy is a workhorse and a great student of the game. He's made me fall in love with the Seahawks.

As stated above, after falling down 14-0 the Seahawks took control off the game. If it wasn’t for a Marshawn Lynch fumble near the goal line, the score would have been even worse. 

So the Seahawks move on to Atlanta next week. Atlanta is the favorite and they will be tough to beat in the dome but don't count out the Seahawks. They have the momentum of playing a playoff game on the road. They have experience of having to come back from 14 points down early in Sunday's game.

I think that the Seahawks will win the game 24-21. It's probably not a popular pick but until the Falcons prove that they can win a playoff game, I'll go with the hot hand.

I’m surprised that Mike Shannahan didn't go to his backup Kirk Cousins today or in the second half. Griffin’s knee injury was obviously hampering him. He wasn't himself and he wasn't effective. The only thing that was accomplished by playing RG3 was allowing him to be vulnerable to a serious injury.

The Redskins left RG3 on the field too long until he had to leave the field with an injury. That’s ridiculous. That’s unacceptable. They never should have taken the chance with a guy recovering from a knee injury. His injury wasn't healed. That's too great a risk to take.

The organization should be ashamed of themselves. The health of their players should always come first. The health of their star QB should always come first.

Enough of the Redskins. The Seahawks showed us something today. They showed us that they will be a tough opponent to any team that they face in the playoffs. They are an exciting team. They have a great future.

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