Tuesday, January 1, 2013

State of Pennsylvania Spitting in the Faces of Sexual Abuse Victims

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Reports indicate that the state of Pennsylvania will sue the NCAA for sanctions levied at Penn State. Those sanctions were levied as penalties against the University for their involvement regarding pedophile Jerry Sandusky. The university agreed to the fines and signed off on them. Now the disgusting human being Governor Tom Corbett wants to waste taxpayer's money by suing the NCAA.

I think that this lawsuit is like spitting in the faces of sexual assault victims. For their expected action regarding the lawsuit, the state of Pennsylvania is the first Fool of the Day of 2013. I don't usually name a state or political stories for the Fool of the Days but this is also a sports story and I'm disgusted by the State's actions.

Back when the NCAA levied the penalties I had been hoping for a lifetime ban of Penn State's football program. I believe that actions by some of the school's administrators and head coach Joe Paterno were so heinous and vulgar that a lifetime ban was warranted.

I believe that this lawsuit is frivolous and baseless. I hope that a judge throws this case out the second it reaches their desk. This lawsuit shows me that the state of Pennsylvania and Tom Corbett have no compassion for victims of sexual assault. It shows me that these horrible people are void of decency and moral values.

Challenging this lawsuit shows me that these bums care more about football than supporting victims of heinous crimes. It shows me that these degenerates would rather waste taxpayer money by suing the NCAA than supporting charities for victims of sexual assault. One of the penalties was a 60 million dollar fine levied against Penn State to go to charities of sexual assault victims.

It's disgusting that the Corbett would act like a goon and challenge the valid sanctions. It shows me what type of person he is. I believe he's an evil man. I believe he's a piece of garbage. I hope that when he meets his maker someday that he gets the penalty he deserves.

A good man wouldn't challenge this lawsuit. I sure hope that the good people of his state will vote him out of office when he comes up for re-election.


  1. From what I've read from my local newspaper (living in Lancaster County, PA) the state would only sue to keep the fine money ($60M total) to be used in *STATE* programs instead of the NCAA having full discretion where the find payments should go. I'm disgusted that you're so shallow and misinformed with this.

    1. Will, thanks for your comment. From what I've read that is just an opinion or a guess. The governor hasn't made his plans known. It's guess work right now but either way, it's an NCAA penalty. Penn State agreed to follow the rules regarding the penalty. It's a waste of money to sue if in fact they're suing over semantics. It's the governor flexing his idiotic muscles. It's still dumb. As I said we don't know what they're suing over. So it's guess wok and if they're leaving it up to me I will slam them.

    2. Will, before calling anyone misinformed read the facts. Here's a quote from SI.com:
      Corbett's office has been vague in regard to the specific aim of the suit, but it appears to be dedicated to the overall sanctions issued by the NCAA in July. Corbett referred to them on Tuesday as "illegal sanctions."

      I stand by my article.

    3. So it looks like I was right after all. The disgusting piece of garbage Corbett is suing to have all the sanctions removed. The guy is a piece of work isn't he?

    4. A little delayed, but I agree :) I never voted for him


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