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So That's How You Heal So Quickly From A Serious Injury?

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When an athlete recovers quickly from a serious injury and goes on to not only be able to compete but does it at the highest level, we tend to ask the question was PEDs (Performance enhancing drugs) part of the recovery process? I asked that question a couple of times this past NFL season (I'll explain later). I also ask the question when an aging star finds a way to have a record season.

Signed Ray Lewis Photograph - Smoke 8x10Ray Lewis recovered quickly (less than three months) from a torn triceps injury. Ray Lewis not only recovered and has been able to compete; he's been a dominant player on the field. He's returned to form. I asked myself the following question a few weeks ago; how could he recover so quickly.

We might have got that answer. is reporting that Ray Lewis allegedly took PEDs. So that's how you recover quickly? Ray Lewis has denied taking PEDs but would we expect him to be honest if he has taken them?

I'll be honest, where there's smoke there's fire. The sporting world has been inundated with PED use in the past decade and a half. Top athletes have been caught. No sport has been immune to their athletes cheating by way of PED use. Why should we believe Ray Lewis?

His recovery was hailed as remarkable. He recovered extremely quickly and it has made for a great story. Ray Lewis would have retired early if he had not been able to return. Instead he returned and he was an inspiration to hos teammates. Now his Baltimore Ravens are in the Super bowl. It has made for excellent television.

When Adrian Peterson (AP) recovered from a very serious injury I also asked if his recover would be possible without PED use. AP suffered an ACL tear and recovered in miracle fashion from it. It's an injury that usually takes two seasons to recover. AP recovered in about eight months and not only played well but finished second all-time in rushing yards for a season. His recovery was hailed as a miracle of sorts. AP was recognized for his work ethic and being a rare specimen. His story also made for a great story and was covered nationally.

While there's been no reports linking him to PEDs, I have wondered if his recovery would have been possible without them. With all the miracle recoveries and inspirational stories we've heard in the past 15 years, many of them ended up being based on a lie and a myth. PED use has sadly been part of many of those major sports miracles.

I'm a huge AP fan. He's a great athlete and a rare specimen indeed but I'm bracing for the possibility however remote it is for a breaking news story about AP being linked to something. I hope that day never comes. I also hope that allegations against Ray Lewis aren't true but I'm a rational person and where there's smoke there may fire. I've been disappointed before, why won't I be disappointed now or in the future?

A story on alleged PEDs use wouldn't be complete without mentioning Alex Rodriguez. An article published by reports that that Alex Rodriguez has been linked PED use as far back as 2009. Rodriguez denies those allegations. We'll have to see how this story turns out. I don't believe MR. Rodriguez since he's cheated before. You know the saying? Once a cheat always a cheat. Maybe, maybe not.

If Alex had used PEDs during the 2009 season, it would make sense but in recent years and especially during this past season's MLB playoffs, Alex was a dud. PED use didn't do him any good. That might be because he had an injury that he recently had surgery for but PED use hasn't helped Adud in recent years.

With all these allegations of PED use and cheating the question that keeps on surfacing in my mind is; so that's how you heal so quickly form a serious injury?

Updates: 02/01/2013 3:00 PM Alex Rodriguez was allegedly injected by Anthony Bosch who operated the clinic that Rodriguez has been accused of using to take PEDs. Let's see Adud wiggle out of this fiasco.
01/31/2013 11:20 AM Hue Jackson a former quarterback with the Ravens apologized for introducing Ray Lewis to Mitch Ross who is the co-owner of S.W.A.T.
01/30/2013 2:00 PM Vijay Sing admits to using Deer Antler spray but denies that he knew it contained a substance banned by the PGA.

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