Friday, January 4, 2013

Rex & Mark Kissing in the Tree

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
I couldn't resist this title. The New York Daily News is reporting that Rex Ryan on vacation in the Bahamas sported a tattoo of his wife in a sexy pose wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. I always knew that Ryan was loyal to Sanchez. I knew he loved him but this goes beyond loyalty and love. This is a sick obsession with the worst quarterback in the NFL.

I thought that Ryan should have been fired at season's end. Now I'm convinced of it. It has become evident to me and I'm sure most New York Jets fans that Rex Ryan is incapable of sound judgment when it comes to the QB position and Mark Sanchez.

I think that something is clouding Rex's judgment and I don't want to venture a guess on what that sordid something is. The fact remains that Rex Ryan is not fit to be the team's head coach. I think that this recent event should prove to everyone that the Sanchez saga is not over.

As long as Rex Ryan is the coach of the Jets, Ryan will be loyal to Sanchez. The team needs to go in a new direction by firing Rex Ryan and then terminating Sanchez. I'm sure there will be some dummy out there who will hire Ryan. Then Ryan would be able to bring in the guy who he thinks would give his new team the best Chance of winning. That guy would be Mark Sanchez.

I think that Rex Ryan is sticking his middle finger at the fans. He's telling them where he thinks they should go. The guy is a clown. Jets fans deserve to have a much better head coach. They deserve to have a competent head coach.

What would you think if you were Rex's wife? You're on the guy's biceps in a sexy pose wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. Yuck. This conjures horrible images and thoughts for me. I won't tell you what they are. Kids could be reading this post but it does involve the words three or triangle.

First it was a foot fetish and now it’s a Sanchez. Maybe Rex is being retained for his entertainment value. It sure can’t be for being a talented head coach.

For his idiotic tattoo Rex Ryan is Friday's Fool of the Day.

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