Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picking up the Shattered Pieces of Tiger’s Life

Article written by Phil Oscarson - Guest Poster
No one has fallen further than Tiger Woods did in November of 2009. He had been the sport of golf’s biggest star for over a decade. No one had really come close to matching his talent on the course or his marketing appeal off of it. As an African-American athlete in a sport long dominated by white men Tiger Woods dominance changed the sport in a way that no one else could have. 

Despite the high amount of attention focused on him for so long Tiger had managed to build up a surprisingly effective wall of privacy around his personal life. For these, and other reasons the news that Tiger Woods had long been leading a secret life rocked the sports world and brought a world of scorn, criticism and speculation down upon his head.

Now over three years later Tiger Woods is still rebuilding. He has already rebuilt his golf game. After a year or so of un-Tiger-like play, Tiger has now climbed to the second spot in the world player rankings. He has been rebuilding his public image with new, humanizing commercials that portray Tiger, not as the all-powerful golf god he had been, but as an experienced veteran trying to get back on top.

Now he is also trying to get his personal life back as well. According to a report from the National Enquirer (and later confirmed by other national media outlets,) Tiger has asked his ex-wife Elin Nordegren to re-marry him. For those that are skeptical of anything reported by the Enquirer, remember that it was them that were the first break the news that started the whole scandal back in 2009.

The Enquirer reports that Nordegren is considering it but would require a prenuptial agreement with a $350 million anti-cheating clause, which according to the source is perfectly fine with Woods. A reunion of the couple would provide a large amount of very positive publicity but that is apparently not why he is doing it. The source interviewed by the Enquirer explained that he loves her and he never stopped loving her.

In the time since the scandal Tiger has completed a sex-therapy course to help him break his sex addiction. In his first interview after knowledge of the affairs became public Tiger confessed that he had “hurt a lot of people, not just [his] wife.” Comments like these, as well as his actions since then seem to be the byproduct of sincere and deep remorse.

More news concerning the couple will undoubtedly come forth in the following days and although it is uncertain what Nordegren will decide, It is a very real possibility that Nordegren will return to him. If she does that doesn’t guarantee a return to the dominance of golf he once held. Still it seems that against all odds Tiger is, piece by piece, putting his life back together. A life that many thought was shattered beyond repair when he fought with his wife and crashed his car on that fateful day in November of 2009.

It still seems improbable, but if they do reconcile and if Tiger does manage to return to his post-scandal form on the golf course then he will have managed once again to surprise everyone by doing something that people thought impossible.

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