Thursday, January 3, 2013

NHL Lockout - Still Guarded but My Optimism is Growing

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
I'm still guarded but I have to admit that my optimism is growing that we are days away from the NHL & NHLPA agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement. I'm excited by that possibility but I'm still angry at the process and how long it's dragged on for.

I think that the legacies of Gary Bettman who is commissioner of the NHL and Donald Fehr who is head of the players union will not be kind to them. I believe that hockey fans will view these clowns as donkeys who harmed the game and who snubbed the fans who pay their bills.

Enough of my criticism of Joe and Schmo. There are signs that show me that the two sides are very close to getting a deal done and they are outlined below:

Both sides negotiated past midnight on Wednesday - The two sides are finally working hard. This shows me that they are in desperate mode. They know what's at stake and it's becoming clear that they don't want to head off the cliff. I couldn't resist that but who would have thought that congress could be smarter than the NHL & NHLPA?

Deadline to file Disclaimer of Interest passes - While the NHLPA won't say if they filed the disclaimer of interest which would have given their executive board the right to dissolve the union, the deadline passed and we do know that the NHL & NHLPA will meet on Thursday morning. If the NHLPA did allow the deadline to pass it shows me that an agreement is close.

Both sides are remaining tight lipped about he details of the negotiations - This is a very positive sign for me. It probably means they are actually focusing on a deal and not on gimmicks or shenanigans. If Bettman and Fehr can remain tight lipped and focused for the next day or so then a deal might be reached and we could see NHL hockey in the next few weeks.

Working with a mediator - While working with mediators didn't work in the past, the fact that the two sides seem committed to working through the process and the fact that they've kept quiet about the details of their negotiations shows me that this might be the right time for a mediator to assist the NHL & NHLPA in working through the final stumbling blocks.

While these are positive signs and a deal looks to be close, things can fall apart quickly. We've seen that happen before. So I'm still guarded in my optimism but that optimism is growing and has been at the highest level since this moronic lockout started. The one thing that keeps me guarded is that we're dealing with dumb and dumber.


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  2. I don't believe that Donald Fehr was God's gift to the NHLPA that many felt he would be, when he was hired.

    The salary cap will be maintained.
    Contract terms will be limited.
    The length of the new CBA will be ten years or close to it.

    When this new agreement is announced, I will be waiting for the players to tell us what they gained that was worth losing their income for half a season.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jerome. I agree with you.

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