Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Orleans Pelicans Logo Worse Than Their Name

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Since I've heard the name that New Orleans Hornets will become I haven't been a fan of it. In fact I think the name is ridiculous and fitting of a loser team. Today we witnessed something even worse than the new name for the Hornets. We witnessed a terrible logo being unveiled to the basketball world.

The new logo for the New Orleans Pelicans is atrocious. It looks like a 5th grader drew the logo. The logo would be OK for an elementary intramural basketball team but not an NBA one. New Orleans is a joke when it comes to the quality of basketball being displayed. The organization proved that their name and logo is an even bigger joke.

I wonder if anyone likes the logo. I can’t imagine that many will. It's ugly. It's amateurish. The logo is not representative of what an NBA logo should be. Well that might not be entirely true. We are talking about the Hornets after all aren't we?

New Orleans owns the worst record in the Western Conference and now they own the worst logo in North American professional sports. I'm really serious when I say that. I think the logo is a joke. I wouldn't want my team to use that logo.

I think if I were a Pelicans fan I could get used to that name at some point. It might take 30 years but eventually I would get used to it. I don't think I could ever get used to the logo. Every time that I've taken a look at it I've wanted to hurl.

The logo makes me lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I think that the logo should be trashed and redone. After being sick my next reaction is to laugh uncontrollably. I can't stop laughing at that disgusting and atrocious logo.

The Pelicans have accomplished thee things. They are a terrible basketball team, have a terrible new name and own the worst logo in the NBA. They truly are the model a losing and loser organization. That's my two cents, for whatever they're worth.


  1. This just sounds like a little kid ranting. Try and add some journalistic purpose to your writing, or people will indeed put little worth in your two cents. Calling an organisation a "loser team" shows a tremendous lack of maturity.

    1. They are a loser team. Are they winning? Do they have a winning product? Should I call them winners?

  2. How stupid are you sports fan? Don't comment on things you have no clue about. Your not a sports fan. Your a guy, who bandwagons the best team, and calls a team he doesn't watch, and knows nothing about, a loser team.

  3. I posted your ridiculous comment because it is garbage. What is the loser team's record? Answer: 15 and 31. IS that a winning record? IS that a mark of a winning team? No. I bandwagon? Are you serious? I'm a fan of the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins. I would hardly call them winners.

    Before you comment and make yourself sound like a clown, get your facts straight. I do!

    BTW, your team finished with a 21 and 45 record last year. So much for being a winner. Sounds like the name and logo do indeed fit this organization!

  4. What facts do you need to back up an opinion? The logo does not inspire me to want to buy a jersey for my kids. The Hornets/Pelicans record speaks for itself and it takes a bandwagon jumper to know one!

  5. Bomber Blue. Intelligent and well thought out comment. I agree with you and your assessment!

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