Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Kings in LA?

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
There are new Kings in LA. Those Kings are the Los Angeles Clippers. In a showdown between the sinking Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers, the Lakers were shown how NBA basketball is played. The Clippers have a balanced offense and a good defense which is something the Lakers wished they had.

The Clippers have Chris Paul (who had 30 points on Friday), Blake Griffin (24 points) and the 9th ranked offense in the NBA. Their defense is ranked 4th in points allowed. That's pretty good. It provides the team with a winning recipe.

The Lakers have Kobe Bryant and sometimes Dwight Howard. You can't win NBA basketball games with only one player. You need a balanced offense. You also need a good defense. That's something the Lakers wished they had.

The Lakers entered the game with the 5th ranked NBA offense averaging 102.8 points per game. You would think that a team averaging almost 103 points per game would be a sure bet to be one of the best teams in their division and conference. They aren't close to being a top team in the conference. They are in the 11th spot and three teams are ahead of them in the playoff race.

The Lakers defense sucks. They are ranked 25th in points allowed. Only 5 teams are worse. The Lakers have given up 102.8 points per game (entering the Clippers game). I don't want to harp on this but I knew the Lakers defense would be terrible under Mike D'Antoni. The Lakers sealed their fate with that hire.

Enough of the laughable Lakers. The Clippers are taking LA by storm by winning games and are the top team in the Pacific Division. They are second in the Western Conference. They will coast into the playoffs and be a contender. All they need is to be the most liked team by the fans of LA.

Could the Clippers surpass the Lakers in LA fan loyalty? If the Clippers continue to have winning seasons year after year while the Lakers continue who knows what's possible. If the Clippers win some championships they may become the top dog in LA.

It will be an uphill battle for the Clippers to win over the fans. the Clippers have a history of futility. They have a history of being the laughing stock of the NBA. For years it seemed as if the Clippers didn't care about winning.

That has changed and as the Clippers continue to beat up on the Lakers in the future who knows what's possible. Both the Clippers and Lakers are entering new chapters in their team's histories. The Clippers are the new Kings and the Lakers seemed destined for failure, at least for the next few years.

The Clippers won Friday's game 107-102.

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  1. It is a little early to write off the Lakers. They are in the hunt - and tough as the Western Conference is this year, I expect the Lakers to be there in the end. The Clippers will likely go through a period of testing - but it wouldn't surprise me to find them holding onto the first or second seed in the playoffs. After the 82 game season things get exciting. Teams that played 9 or 10 men all season, cut back to 7 or 8 for the playoffs. Every shot is contested and officials often choose to "let them play on". Fatigue is an issue, still the Old guys usually come through, the youth wasting their energy while the old guys get more productive. If you are a Laker fan the more alarming question is which team is likely to improve next year? Not just the aging of old super-stars, but bloated salary and salary cap issues, draft choices, and the need to pay any younger player who performs well. Lakers will need exceptional decisions by ownership/management team to continue to be an elite team.

  2. Thanks for another well though out comment JM.

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