Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just When You Thought Dumb & Dumber Were On The Verge Of Doing Something Reasonable

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
Just when you thought that dumb and dumber were on the verge of doing something reasonable and about to agree to a new NHL deal, they decide to act like the idiots we've come to expect from them. I fell for their sudden change of heart in the last two days. Shame on me for that.

While I did say my optimism was guarded I did believe that the NHL and NHLPA would get a deal done. This round ended the same way all the other talks have. They ended just like other optimistic days have ended. They ended without a deal. They ended in failure.

Dumb and dumber are Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. These are two of the dumbest men in sports. They continue to figure out ways to surprise the hockey fans, the hockey world and the media. Why is everyone surprised by these clowns? Just when you think that these buffoons can't get any dumber they surprise us by setting a new low.

I should have seen this coming. All lockout, I've been Mr. Pessimism. All Lockout I've believed a deal would not be reached in time to salvage a season. Then this week I fell into these idiots trap. Everything these idiots do is destroying the game. They are too stupid to understand that. They can't see that they are ruining what was once a good product.

Maybe the blame should go these morons' bosses. Their bosses (NHL owners and NHL players) have the ability of firing these hockey destroyers. They also have the ability of demanding that they agree to a deal. They can demand that a season will be played.

The NHL and NHLPA are comprised of some of the dumbest people in sports history. They are void of common sense. They are void of hockey sense. hey are consumed by their greed and that greed is destroying the NHL.

For their failure to reach a deal this week the NHL and NHLPA are Thursday's Fools of the Day. I could go on and on venting and writing about my anger but I've had enough for now. I've learned my lesson for allowing these fools in letting me get optimistic that this lockout would end.

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