Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Too Late Lance

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports is reporting that Lance "I'm a Piece of Garbage" Armstrong will confess to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. I'm guessing he will shed some tears and ask for forgiveness. Why is this dirty ahole coming clean now? Because his career and reputation has crumbled (All his accomplishments including 7 Tour de France victories were wiped vacated).

Lance Armstrong Signed Photo - 11x14Armstrong is a selfish liar. He's waited to the last possible moment to confess. He's had years to do it. He was given ample opportunity by the USDA to come clean. Had he done that, he might have been able to salvage a little bit of respect and decency.

Decency isn't part of this egomaniac's vocabulary or being. Now that he's been ridiculed and obliterated by the USDA and just about everyone in sports, this creep is trying to crawl back from the abyss. Lance should just go to hell where he belongs.

He looked into the cameras and with a straight face denied accusations telling the world that he had never failed a drug test. That's because he fooled the tests but eh couldn't fool his accusers. He threw fellow members under the bus.

Now he wants to confess? It's too damn late Lance. It's too late. I'm one of those idiots who believed this schmuck. That was until a few years ago. That makes me gullible and a moron. Maybe that's why I'm pissed off. The time for coming clean has passed. 

Will anyone who watches his interview be able to believe him? Of course not. There's nothing sincere or clean about this man. A good human being wouldn't have waited so long to admit their wrong doings and mistakes. A sincere person and a contrite person would have admitted his drug use years and years ago.

Besides the moral aspect of this story, why is he doing this now? Couldn't this open him up to being sued? Couldn't this open him up to being charged for perjury and other crimes? Has he worked out a deal for his admission?

I don't believe that he's apologizing now to clear his conscience. I don't believe he's admitting guilt in order to do the right thing and make amends with his maker. I believe that he's doing this for some sort of reward or personal gain. He's trying to get something out of this.

Time will tell why this clown is coming clean now. Time will tell if this cheat will be forgiven. Time will tell how Lance Armstrong's story will end. In my opinion Lance's legacy would always be one of a guy who misled his sponsors, fellow riders and the public.

Sure he did some great things for cancer research and he should receive credit for that but many of the people who donated to his charity did so because of his story. That story was that of a man who battled cancer and not only survived but became one of the most decorated cyclists in history. Many believed he was clean when he won the Tour de France seven times. For those people who fought cancer and saw Lance as a hero, my heart goes out to them.

This is a man that hurt many people and waited until the last possible second to come clean. In fact that last second passed him by when the USDA made their investigation, results and penalties public. That demolished Armstrong's career.

I would have had some respect had Lance Armstrong testified to the USDA and come clean then. That was his chance. He blew it and now I think we should all say good riddance to Lance Armstrong.

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