Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Taken More Than 5 Minutes And Rob Ryan Still Doesn't Have A Job

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When Rob Ryan was fired as Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys he confidently said that he would have a job in five minutes. While most of us knew he meant that it wouldn't take long for him to be hired, weeks have gone by and much more than five minutes have passed and Rob Ryan still finds himself on the unemployment lines.

Recently it was reported that Rob was close to a deal with the St. Louis Rams. Bleacher Report is reporting that the St. Louis Rams have backed away from hiring Rob Ryan. It looks like Rob is more infatuated with his skill set than the rest of the NFL.

I don't know why there hasn't been great interest in Ryan but it's clear that NFL teams are less than enamored with the guy. Maybe they're afraid that he's got an attitude problem. I doubt that's the case. Football coaches, especially the Ryan's are known for their big mouths. The Ryan brothers are twins after all. Well maybe that is the reason.

Would you like a loud mouthed punk who believed that he was a better coach than reality shows us? Would you like a guy who thinks that he's all that but his Dallas Cowboys defense didn't help the Boys make the playoffs in the past two seasons?

Maybe it's not fair to be so critical of Rob Ryan. He probably deserves another chance at proving himself. I'm just not a fan of the Ryan brothers. Rex and Rob Ryan are obnoxious men. It would be forgivable to some degree if they were winning but their teams have been disasters in the past couple of years.

I do believe that Rob Ryan will get an opportunity again even if he is hired as a ball boy. OK, that's not fair either. He's definitely more than ball boy material. If Ryan can humble himself he might need to take a position as an assistant coach and not a coordinator. That would provide him with an opportunity to prove himself.

The only thing that I'm certain of regarding Rob Ryan is that it's taken more than five minutes and the guy is still unemployed.

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