Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Not a Mediator that Bettman & Fehr Needs

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
It's not a mediator that the Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr needs. They are in desperate need of conflict resolution. Mediators have been used in the past. Things haven't worked out so well when they used a mediator. In fact, things seem to blow up in their egotistical faces.

Conflict resolution might be the only hope of salvaging any common sense from these clowns. Their mutual distrust and hatred for one another has clouded their judgment. They are in the process of losing billions of dollars and jeopardizing the NHL's season because of their hard line stances.

The stalemate that they find themselves in doesn't make sense to a rational person. To these apes it probably does make sense. That's because they are embroiled in a conflict. I don't think they can find the light at the end of the tunnel because they can't see things straight.

Their bitterness for each other has consumed them. Their egos have consumed them. Their belief that bluffing one another will work to their advantage has consumed them and clouded their judgment. Common sense has left the bargaining table a long time ago.

Both these men believe that they are experts in labor negotiations. Let's look at the facts. Under Gary Bettman, there has been one cancelled season, one partial season and this season will either be a total loss or a partial loss of a season. That's a pretty crummy track record for a labor negotiator.

As far as Donald is concerned he led Major League Baseball players in their 1994-95 strike that resulted int he cancellation of the World Series. It took a few years for Major League Baseball to recover from that strike. They did but baseball is the American pastime isn't it?

Now Fehr is involved in this NHL dispute. He will have his dirty hands on either a partial season being played or a season being cancelled. Way to go Donald.

As you can see, both men seem to be more destructive than they are at building trust among their opponents. They seem destined to destroy the game. They seem destined to try and destroy each other. That's where conflict resolution classes would come in handy for these clowns.

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